UPDATED WITH VIDEO: David Quinn following win over Quinnipiac

UPDATE: We have video!

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(So basically, the Internet at this arena won’t let us upload videos to YouTube. We tried several different methods, but to no avail. So here’s a transcript of head coach David Quinn’s postgame comments — we’ll try and upload a video in the morning, but for now, you can see all of his comments here.)

Opening comments:
“Well, just really proud of our guys. Obviously a tough building to play in. Get down 1-0, really thought we were on our heels for the first six or seven minutes, and I thought we really recovered. Got it together in the first period and battled back to tie the game. Did a real good job in the second period. Again, I thought we were playing well in the third, get the goal to make it 3-1, and then take two penalties that just really gave them life. Our penalty kill was huge, blocking shots, our goaltending was outstanding. It’s not easy coming into this building, let alone after you play last night in a hard-fought game against Yale. But, boy, it certainly says an awful lot about our team. About our character, our resiliency, our work ethic. And those qualities can take you a long way through the course of a hockey season. A great way to end the break. Is our record what we want it to be? No, it’s not, but our makeup is. And that’s more important than anything.”

Forwards beating a goalie of this quality?

“I think our forwards do a real good job down low. They understand puck possession. We got some talent, too. We got some size, we got some skill, so that can pose a problem for some people. If you look at the shot chart, I think we were on the net a lot, we were at the net a lot, we paid a price at the net for our goals. And you’re going to have to do that against anybody, but in particular against this team because the way they’ve got some good, old defensemen and they’ve got a great goalie. We earned our goals. We earned our goals.”

Play of Greenway?
“He’s been playing outstanding hockey. And what you saw tonight is a guy that’s got an incredible future. He keeps getting better and better. He’s an absolute monster out there, he’s tough to defend. I talked to the Quinnipiac defensemen and asked what they think about going in the corner with him or anybody else we’ve played. And he’s getting rewarded on the scoresheet, which is nice to see. He had a monster weekend for us.”

Quinnipiac as good as advertised?
“Oh yeah. They’re a really good hockey team. Really good hockey team. He does a great job, they got some talent. Again, I keep coming back to the penalties in the third period, but again, we’re a little bit gassed, too, obviously from playing back-to-back. But five-to-one penalties. We cannot play two ECAC teams, we got two power plays over the weekend. Welcome to ECAC hockey.”

Maguire in net
“He’s been a great goalie at this level. He keeps getting better and better and he missed a full year. I think it would be unreasonable to expect for him to come back and pick up where he left off. But I loved his attitude, his work ethic. And I knew this day was going to happen. I was hoping it was happening tonight, and he played outstanding.”

Baillargeon’s overall game?
“Pretty good. Robbie played pretty well tonight. That line was pretty good, too. It’s tough losing Ahti when we did. But Phelps did a great job playing with Robbie and Bobo. Bobo had a good night again as well. It’s a true team effort. Every guy in that room contributed in some way, shape or form. It’s a feel-good win for sure.”

Update on Oksanen?
“Nothing yet, a little too early.”

Joy in the room?
“Yeah, anytime you win your last game before you go into a break there’s joy. And again, hey, you’re playing the No. 1 team in the country, undefeated, so there’s a lot of joy, a lot of joy. Especially, you know, when you put as much into it as we did, you feel a little bit extra happiness, a little extra joy because you earned it, you sacrificed, and that’s what we did tonight.”

Mentality of team after falling behind early
“We’ve been a great group rebounding from losses. Last year we didn’t lose back-to-back games. This year we finally lost a back-to-back, lost to UConn and then went down to Merrimack and played a great game against Merrimack and lost 4-3, probably a night where our goalies probably would like to have some of the goals back. But, we always have, so far, responded when we lose. And people who have seen us play, we bounce back. We played pretty well last night. A minute stretch cost us the game. We gave up two goals in the last minute of the second period and it kind of cost us the game. But I wasn’t surprised with our effort, that’s for sure.”

If one goalie emerges, will you give them priority as starter?
“Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m a one-goalie guy. That being said, if both guys play well you play them both.

Could Maguire earn that position?
“Those who play well get rewarded with further play. Absolutely.”

Why Dillon Lawrence over Tommy Kelley?
“Dillon’s looked good in practice. Nothing Tommy didn’t do, more of what Dillon has done. He’s a big kid, he can skate, he’s got a good shot, he can handle the puck, confidence is a problem for him. I liked what I saw tonight. He’s a good hockey player.”

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  1. I was there and had a great time! I particularly liked our stick checking in the neutral zone and at our blue line.. So glad for #19 … scoring the game-winning-goal. After tonight, I can safely say that the Greenway we thought we were getting … has arrived, and then some! Let’s all cross our fingers for Ahti.

  2. Glen,
    What are your thoughts on Ahti? By the blog it said he was holding his wrist but then needed two people to help him off…..

  3. Ahti first came off the ice holding his jaw and in pain. Then, a few minutes later, he got right back on the ice and was driven into the boards. He was motionless for a while. So, I was worried it was a head/neck injury. Obviously, that was not the case. Yes, he did need assistance in getting to the locker room. I would think it’s either a wrist or a shoulder injury. Nobody seemed to know for sure … of those I spoke to after the game. I was so upset. His injury kind of took something away from what would have been unbridled celebration for me with this semester-ending win. Let’s hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. If ever there was a quality win, tonight was it. We were playing the #1 team in the country (in the pairwise rankings) on their ice, with key injuries, and we had back-to-back games while QU was coming in fresh.

  4. Those refs were so bad. No pen on the player on the Big O injury. Twice JFK got run from behind and went head first into the boards and no calls. These are the plays that need to be taken out of the game.

    What a win!!! So many guys stepped up…… Maguire was the best

  5. Thanks for the Christmas present guys! I had a front row seat to view an excellent team effort that manifested spot on: coaching, five-on-five play, special teams, and goaltending. A very impressive win over the previously undefeated #1 or #2 team in the nation, AND their ECAC “officiating” support group. The fact that our squad had to overcome a shortened bench (injuries), and ancillary adversity (see ECAC reference above), made it even more gratifying.

  6. Easily the best performance of the year, bottling up a top offense and putting three past a goalie who has a 213 minute scoreless streak. So where is the resident conspiracy theorist/crank? No comments?

    Couldn’t agree more about the abysmal officiating. Some extra kudos to great PK work by Diffley and to O’Regan who prevented a tying goal during the Q power play at the end of the second.

  7. LOL Terrier Blogger! I do have to give Larry credit (ouch!!) he did congratulate Coach Quinn and the team…albeit on a different posting but his post was short and sweet!

  8. Terrier Blogger
    I already gave the Coach and Team credit for the best victory of the season on a different post. Perhaps you should read all the posts before you falsely criticize. Thank you Guest 66 for giving me credit. I know that it must hurt.
    The first half B.U. had a 9-6-3 record which speaks for itself. As I stated no negative comments after that great upset win. Stop blaming the officials ,it may be true, but it is so lame.

  9. Larry,I was very impressed with your comments about the team and the Coach,boy,did it hurt to type that!!!LOL,Yes,people should read all the posts before criticism is blasted,at least I read all the blogs before I did that…..

  10. Glad to see I was wrong and you did offer a positive post; why you put a comment about the Quinnipiac game on a Yale game thread, when a Q game thread was already getting comments is questionable.

    No one is saying officiating is responsible for BU’s disappointing first-half record. Too many games with poor compete levels and mental mistakes. But in all three away games with ECAC opponents, the officiating has been markedly one-sided. As several other posters have noted, the non-calls (Ahti’s injury, cross-check on JFK, take down of Greer) were particularly glaring. And this home cooking on call is hardly a new trend.

  11. I’m curious to see if the powers-that-be will review the hit to Ahti and perhaps impose a suspension/sanction.

  12. BU Hockey 7
    Thank you I always give credit when it is due.The victory on Saturday was an outstanding effort by everybody. ( even the Coach !)

  13. Terrier Blogger
    Thank you for acknowledging my response. I should have commented on the other thread but I was so happy they won I just wanted to respond and did not even consider a different one.
    The officiating leaves a lot to be desired. It seems to me the officials call penalties in the third period on the team that is winning . Its happened in both games this past weekend. Yale, the least penalized team in the country, draws a penalty late in the third period and B.U. capitalizes. The next B.U. draws two penalties in the third with a two goal lead.

  14. Guest 22
    I only watched the first period . I agree the officiating in general stinks that is a given especially in a non conference away game. That being said B.U. has a reputation of taking stupid penalties. For example in the Yale game #8 took a ridiculous penalty that adversely effected the outcome.
    As a result I believe officials pay extra attention to B.U. even to the point of calling marginal or borderline penalties that other teams would get the benefit of the doubt.

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