It’s time for Boston Hockey Pod questions again!

Since the team departs for Connecticut early this week, we’ll be recording an early podcast this week — be sure to comment with your questions by early this evening and we’ll try our best to answer them during the recording session!

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5 thoughts on “It’s time for Boston Hockey Pod questions again!”

  1. After Baillargeon was moved down to 4th line, and then was a healthy scratch in the first game against Vermont last weekend, do you know what his status will be going forward? Also, how are Grzelcyk and Olsson doing with their injuries – will we be seeing either of them on the ice this weekend?

  2. With regard to Olsson, is there anything that our strength and conditioning coaches can do, in conjunction with the medical staff, to make his shoulder less susceptible to injury? I know he plays an extremely physical game, but this injury seems like a recurring problem for him. He makes such a difference when he is healthy. I want to see him back soon … and for good.

  3. Hickey gone at the world tournament no Matt according to coach does Shane end up on the top line with diffley as a d pair for the terriers. Olsson out a tough weekend for phelps and Robbie and the end of semester coming does Nick Roberto finally touch down and play a game this season?

  4. The injury toll is getting a bit ridiculous – how’s the constant in-and-out of Grzelcyk and Olsson affecting team mindset? Speculations on D lineup with Grzelcyk and Hickey out? Personally, the move of Greer up to 1st line with Danny and JFK, and Ahti to 2nd with Lane looked like a nice change (Greenway particularly looked even better) – thoughts?

  5. I’m concerned with Baligeron being a healthy scratch and bouncing all over the placein the lineup. He plays all the roles the coach puts him in well. I think he lacks confidence. I like his present line . Will the coach keep him there or will he move him again? If he chooses to move him how is that going to build his confidence? Ihave been a bu fan for a while now, this team needs Robbie to go deep in hockey east and the national picture.

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