Video: BU, UConn react to Terriers’ loss

BU head coach David Quinn

UConn head coach Mike Cavanaugh, forward Tage Thompson and goaltender Rob Nichols


  1. Letunov is deemed to have lacked the qualifications for admission, but a demonstrative racist was eagerly hired as an Associate Professor of Sociology and African Studies. A window into the mindset of administration? John Silber is spinning in his grave.

  2. Uconn was 4/7 on power play with only 24 shots on net.

    Can we just make lacouvee the permanent back up?

    Max with two more points but he is not that good becaue he is only on their second line

  3. Love that Bracco just left BC

  4. they hired a racist? hmm he must have had a good GPA

  5. Tough nite for MAX L. no goals and only two assists. (8 points in 6 games)

    • We built a statue of Max,Just for you Larry.It will be at the next home game,right next to the one you said I worship of our beloved Coach!!!(who is still learning on the job)…..?

  6. I was in Hartford last night and heard way too much Brass Bonanza … if you know what I mean. A very disappointing performance from our Terriers … though JFK and DO were great and it was good to see Phelps and Robbie B score. Having said all that, I am ecstatic to hear about Bracco. This is an even more ridiculous turn of events than was the case with Milano. Hahahaha!

  7. Glenn, From listening to the broadcast and press conference it seems the team played a poor first and second period combined with seven penalties was a recipe for a disaster. B.U. has to play sixty intense minutes with minimal penalties if they want to win in this league.( home or away)

  8. Larry, and that is where the coaching staff comes in. it’s on them them to convince them to play hard for 60 minutes. i have been saying all along that this will be a key year to see what DQ is made of as a coach… not a recruiter. no eichel to bail them team out. we need all 19 guys pulling their weight

  9. Vincent, I agree with you especially since they seem to struggle scoring goals and defensively protecting the goalie.It is hard to believe the they are not motivated as there is not much difference between all teams in hockey east.

  10. Yes Larry. Our team was taking penalties at an alarming rate. Another thing I noticed was that we didn’t get too many offensive rebounds (off of Nichols) … not too many chances for tap-ins.

  11. No way to sugar coat what happened last night. The good news is there is plenty of time to improve in all areas. The bad news is there are two tougher games this week. Any body know if # 5 is available to play in these upcoming games? The team could certainly use his leadership and hockey skills at both ends of the ice. Is Nick Ruberto still on the team? It has been a six game punishment, he must have broken more than one team rule.

  12. Expect #5 back sometime around the PC games.

  13. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Did anyone pick up what Ryan said about us on the Radio cast ? Shame on him.

  14. Which Ryan? No I did not.

  15. Unfortunately, the broadcast faded in and out so I did not hear his remarks. I would like to hear his exact words before I comment. I have talked to Tom and always had positive conversations. Although I never discussed the blog.

  16. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    He called all the bloggers here “low lifes”. I was shocked that this long time BU Hockey guy would say that. I always appreciated the guy’s work. Bernie also seem to have a problem with these blogs. I get a kick out of being here as a long time fan and love to have all the information such as line charts and why certain players are out of the lineup. YOU DO NOT GET THE LATER FROM BERNIE AND RYAN. After all these years I am thinking of not listening and just follow the blog. Both have become such house men. They have never even mentioned the Roberto situation.

  17. I am glad to see you are still alive. Max is certainly better than any of our freshman forwards and had an impact in both games against B.U. Where are all your positive thoughts after the last two games? I still believe your buddy is still learning and hopefully improving as a college coach. It will be tough to win with out better goaltending and overall defense. I wish your pal would stop making excuses after each lose. If B.U.plays 60 minutes they will win . It is that simple. They will need that type of effort against Denver.

  18. Very much alive and well,thank you for asking,still very upbeat and positive about the program.Too early in the season to judge,am I happy with the results?Of course not,but I think results will improve drastically.I’ve been staying away from all negative reading,that’s why I haven’t been around.How about T.Ryan calling bloggers-“low lifes?”So I have been going to Gillette and following my Patriots,And following my Terrier hockey team,having season tickets to both,and work,is keeping me busy!I hope all is well,take care,and try the positive route for a change,you might like it….

  19. Beating a team like Denver is a little bit of a dramatic change,positive thinking works!!lol….I wish that was all it took…

  20. A great gut check win against an excellent Denver team! However after two very good periods the third period was a complete disaster. Especially on the power play. I hope the team learned a valuable lesson that it is a 60 minute game.
    I have been a Patriots fan since their inception and attended games at Nickerson Field. I never thought I would see them win four Super Bowls and possibly a few more ! No criticism of the Coach or Quaterback from me . They are strictly the gold standard. Maybe the greatest combo ever with the exception of Red Auerbach and Bill Russell.

    • Basketball doesn’t even come close in comparison to football!

      Come on Larry really??
      “I still believe your buddy is still learning and hopefully improving as a college coach. It will be tough to win with out better goaltending and overall defense. I wish your pal would stop making excuses after each lose”.
      It’s ignorant comments like these that make me nuts!! Still learning? The guy has been coaching this age level for 20+years! Making excuses after each loss? How about the fact that these kids most likely watch his interview and he wants these kids to know he believes in them and knows they can do better. Jeez…it’s called being a positive role model and keeping your players believing in themselves since their young minds are fragile at this age. (Perhaps you don’t know the real reason Maguire took a year off???) You have no experience whatsoever to judge a coach’s expertise. Whoopdie doo you’ve been following BU for a billion years. You don’t come across as a fan at all. “Oh they better do this or they better do that” like if they don’t they’ll have to face the wrath of Larry!!! Oooo scary! You make such snide comments but when someone calls you out on them you act as if everyone is attacking you.
      And in your words, this is just my opinion so no offense taken.

  21. I try to be honest with my opinions and don’t believe in sugarcoating or apple polishing like you. Your pal is in his third year of college coaching which I believe is different than his previous head coaching experience. I feel he rationalizes and makes excuses instead of just telling the truth. Fragile age? Role model? How about teaching them reality and learning how to face the day to day challenges of the real world which they will be part of in the near future instead of treating them like children. I was a founder of a manufacturing firm that had 300 employees so l certainly know how to manage people . You don’t like how I come across, too bad. I think the majority of your comments are insulting and ignorant. If they don’t play sixty minutes they will lose as they did twice last week against inferior opponents.

  22. Read his resume again. He’s coached college at Northeastern AND in Nebraska. I think YOU are the insulting one. You act like you have the experience behind your belittling comments. REALITY is…these players are KIDS! And REALITY is many of their careers stop here (unless you count next year since our “still learning head coach has probably 5 1st round draft picks) and he is preparing them for life as well. You know how to manage people? Really? With constant criticism? I’d never last a day in your company. Most people work better when they are praised for the things they do well, which is what this coach does. I’m sure the negatives come inside the locker room where he TEACHES them. YOU are constantly putting their play down, as well as their coach. You feel he rationalizes and makes excuses?? Wow….you clearly don’t read his comments or listen to the videos. Its incredible how much this college team takes of your time. Perhaps you should take a bite out of my polished apple. It may make you a nicer person rather than the cranky one you come off as. It’s almost like you actually believe he feeds them all sugar and honey all the time and that he doesn’t yell or point out their mistakes. I’ll take the motivator over the one who spews criticism ANY day!

  23. Perhaps, you misunderstood that I meant this is his first head coaching job at the college level. He was associate head coach at BU. until 2009. I believe he is a great recruiter of talent and he was responsible for the players that actually won it all that year. I strongly believe in constructive criticism as well as praise when warranted. I stated the team played great for two periods against a potential frozen four team in Denver. However I would be remiss if I didn’t mention in the third period they had a melt down, especially on the power play. They regrouped in overtime and it was a terrific victory that hopefully will turn the season in a positive direction. I am cranky ask my wife. I never had any issues with my employees because I was very honest with them. I admit I will never win any popularity contests but I stand behind my comments.

  24. Guest66,It’s very clear this gentleman does not appreciate the current coach.All we hear about is Jack Kelly,and of course Jack Parker,and his beloved F.B.U.H.Another person wrote about how ridiculous his commentary is,concerning the Coach on “training wheels”,anyone who knows college hockey,Knows DQ is one of the best in the Country.That is probably the reason BU has a potential of 5 First round draft picks slated to be on the roster for next season.I am sure they ALL have an advisor,and probably wanted to learn and play for one of the very best,these facts can’t be denied.So,sit back and enjoy the season.I think it will be a good one.GO BU!!!

  25. I try to give an objective opinion and praised him many times on his ability to recruit. For the record there is no one better. However I will continue to question his other decisions if I feel it is justified. I will not apple polish or endorse every decision he makes if I feel he is wrong. I know a prominent advisor and although they have some influence it is primarily the student athlete and his parent that make the college decision. A good season based on what evidence ? I hope you are right . B.U. has already lost to three teams that most likely will not be in the NCAA tournament. However they did beat Denver.