Odds and Ends: Travis Roy, BU recruits and a reminder about commenting

-As you may know, yesterday was Travis Roy Day in Boston, on the 20th anniversary of Roy’s accident that left him paralyzed. There was a ton of great coverage of that, of which BU Athletics has a roundup here.

-Our good friend Conor Ryan, a former BHB writer now working for SBNation, had a great feature on BU recruits Kieffer Bellows and Clayton Keller, who visited Agganis last weekend.

-Jeff Cox had a good “Hockey East By the Numbers” breakdown, too.

-Switching gears, we’ve been noticing the comments have started to get a bit nasty in terms of personal attacks. We want to keep this a positive environment for everyone. We welcome productive conversation about hockey, and even the occasional digression, as long as it remains respectful. Disagreements are bound to happen, but when it gets to the point where people are throwing personal jabs at each other, then that’s not okay. Let’s keep it pleasant, please.

-Tweet of the week?

Looks like my fellow beatmates aren’t the only ones excited for the new “Star Wars”…anyone else excited?

5 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: Travis Roy, BU recruits and a reminder about commenting

  1. Just so everyone knows, contrary to what someone posted in a previous thread, the Friends of Hockey lounge is open to members this season … for use AFTER the game ends.

  2. That’s why i snuck into the high roller room upstairs on Sat and grabbed a cup of coffee and cookie and watched the mets game. i feel so guilty…NOT

  3. Yes Larry. That’s my understanding. No food or beverages … but you can still interact with some of the players who choose to spend time in that room.

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