BU places 2nd in 2015-16 Hockey East media poll

The Hockey East regular season and tournament championships a season ago were not enough for the Boston University men’s hockey team to retain its titles this year, at least according to one poll.

In the sixth annual Hockey East Writers and Broadcasters Association poll, BU was picked to finish second (with seven first place votes), while rival Boston College was predicted to win Hockey East, garnering 20 first-place votes.

University of Massachusetts Lowell placed in third and defending national champions Providence College rounded out the top four teams. The University of Notre Dame was the last team to receive a first place vote, coming in fifth in the poll.

BC led the way with three players on the All-Hockey East Preseason Team, but BU saw two of its players selected for this year’s squad, senior captain Matt Grzelcyk and senior forward Danny O’Regan. A tie in votes occurred at the forward position, so there are four forwards on the team instead of the normal three.

Here’s the the full media poll, as well as full breakdown on how we at the Boston Hockey Blog voted:

2015-16 Hockey East Preseason Media Poll (First place votes in parentheses)

  1. Boston College (20)
  2. Boston University (7)
  3. University of Massachusetts Lowell (5)
  4. Providence College (2)
  5. University of Notre Dame (1)
  6. University of Vermont
  7. Northeastern University
  8. University of New Hampshire
  9. University of Connecticut
  10. Merrimack College
  11. University of Maine
  12. University of Massachusetts

All-Hockey East Preseason Team

Forward Tyler Kelleher, University of New Hampshire

Forward Kevin Roy, Northeastern University

Forward Danny O’Regan, Boston University

Forward Alex Tuch, Boston College

Defenseman Matt Grzelcyk, Boston University

Defensemen Ian McCoshen, Boston College

Goalie Thatcher Demko, Boston College

Andrew’s Predictions

  1. University of Massachusetts Lowell
  2. Boston University
  3. Boston College
  4. Providence College
  5. University of Vermont
  6. University of Notre Dame
  7. Merrimack College
  8. University of New Hampshire
  9. University of Connecticut
  10. Northeastern University
  11. University of Maine
  12. University of Massachusetts

All-Hockey East Preseason Team

Forward Tyler Kelleher, University of New Hampshire

Forward Kevin Roy, Northeastern University

Forward Danny O’Regan, Boston University

Defenseman Matt Grzelcyk, Boston University

Defenseman Ian McCoshen, Boston College

Goalie Thatcher Demko, Boston College

Judy’s Predictions 

  1. Boston College
  2. Boston University
  3. University of Massachusetts Lowell
  4. University of Vermont
  5. Providence College
  6. University of Notre Dame
  7. Northeastern University
  8. Merrimack College
  9. University of Connecticut
  10. University of New Hampshire
  11. University of Maine
  12. University of Massachusetts Lowell

All-Hockey East Preseason Team

Forward Tyler Kelleher, University of New Hampshire

Forward Kevin Roy, Northeastern University

Forward Alex Tuch, Boston College

Defenseman Matt Grzelcyk, Boston University

Defenseman Brandon Hickey, Boston University

Goalie Thatcher Demko, Boston College

Sarah’s Predictions 

  1. Boston College
  2. Boston University
  3. University of Massachusetts Lowell
  4. Providence College
  5. University of Vermont
  6. Northeastern University
  7. Merrimack College
  8. University of Notre Dame
  9. University of New Hampshire
  10. University of Connecticut
  11. University of Maine
  12. University of Massachusetts

All-Hockey East Preseason Team

Forward Tyler Kelleher, University of New Hampshire

Forward Kevin Roy, Northeastern University

Forward C.J. Smith, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Defenseman Matt Grzelcyk, Boston University

Defenseman Brandon Hickey, Boston University

Goalie Thatcher Demko, Boston College


  1. I still lament not having Letunov. Top recruit. Top Talent. An important loss for our program. He would have made this year’s class number one. How admissions can reject him just prior to enrolment when UConn can accept him in one day is unfathomable. As I have said before, there is something more to the story.

  2. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Yea, guest. We will have trouble scoring goals. Olsson and Greer really have to step up along with the new guys. Center could be a weak position.

    • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

      I think much of the team’s ability to score will depend on the following (in order of importance IMO):

      – O’Regan and Oksanen producing close to the #s they put up last year (and having to do so w/o Jack and E-Rod)
      – Greenway, JFK and Carpenter contributing immediately
      – Baillargeon having a strong bounce-back season
      – Greer taking a big leap offensively
      – Hickey and Fortunato generating more offensive from the blue line, especially during the first few weeks while Grzelcyk completes his recovery from knee surgery

      Letunov would’ve made a difference in this lineup. I think not having as much depth as originally projected means the 3rd line (i.e. Olsson-Lane-Roberto) will be counted on for more offensive production.

      • Generally agree with this. I don’t believe (or expect) Carpenter’s output to be a key factor. Letunov will be missed in terms of depth at center. Lane is likely to be back at C3, rather than LW3. A quick transition to D1 hockey for McAvoy will be important, especially while Grzelcyk rehabs. He and Diffley could be the 2nd PP pair.

  3. In my opinion the subtraction of Eichel and Letunov will be the difference between being a top five team and a very good team. The big unknown is the Eichel factor , both on and off the ice . I believe he was the the real team leader and was the best B.U. hockey player I have ever witnessed. I would not be surprised if B.U. took a small step backward this year. I do not think this freshman class , although pretty good, compares to last year.

    • Of you’re right about Eichel, but not about Letunov, who despite be considered a potential NHLer, is unproven and, has had problems adding bulk to his rail-thin 6’4″ frame. ISS, which actually scouts top prospects, ranked him the 21st best freshman for this season; they had Greenway at #6 and JFK at #8. Very likely he’d have been a candidate for third line center this season.. Let’s not underestimate the absence of Rodrigues who was arguably BU’s best and most clutch performer the final month of last season, who averaged just shy of two points a game over the final 20 games and who was a key factor on both PP and PK..

      You’re also right that this year’s class isn’t as talented as last year’s which was recognized as best in the nation. There is no Eichel or 2/3 of the entire defense corps. But when the season begins, the 2015 class will very likely have two forwards among the top six and at least one defenseman who will see regular action and considerable power play time.

  4. That’s quite possible. Still, next year should be the best freshman class of all time (in all of college hockey).

  5. On paper the class looks great. However early departures of returning players and problems with admissions similar to the Letunov situation could dramatically change the team. I always make my assessment after the official roster is announced.

  6. I hear you, Larry. Wait and see. I will be surprised if Bellows makes it here. I have nothing to base that on, just a gut feeling that school aint his thing.

    this is Quinn’s third year. his recruits are starting to take over the program. no eichel to bail the team or him out, so this will be a huge year for him to see what he is made of. that is NOT a criticism of DQ. I love having him lead the program and feel lucky we have him

    • FWIW, Bellows, who had repeatedly stated how important playing NCAA hockey is to him, told the Buffalo about his choice of BU:
      “Most of the guys going to BU will say the same thing but it was most definitely the coaches,” said Bellows also playing with the U.S. Under-18 Team this year. “They made me feel as if I was part of the Terrier family before I even committed. They have great facilities. The school is second to none. It felt like a perfect fit when I got there.”

      He’ll spend this season on Clayton Keller’s left wing and as a teammate of Chad Krys and Jake Oettinger.

      Your “bail him out” and “see what he is made of” comments make no sense. His fellow D1 coaches, knowing full well how important Eichel was to BU last season, voted him runner-up for the Spencer Penrose Award. Don’t forget, BU was picked for sixth in the Hockey East coaches poll a year ago–and they, too, knew EIchel would have a major impact. You’re right that we’re lucky to have him. He a smart and effective coach, teacher, motivator and recruiter.

  7. It is my belief that Dave will be pro coach in the NHL sooner rather then later based on no more friends group to support him, needless interference from those in charge and dropping attendance at Agganis .

  8. To clarify, we all agree that Eichel was a super star. Without him, I highly doubt we would have advanced as far as we did or won as many games/tournaments. He bailed us out on many an occasion either by scoring himself or setting guys up. For example, Even though The Big O settled into the second line (a great move by Quinn), eichel got him going in the first half of the year

    DQ is going to have to coach a team with some very good players, but with no hobey guy like Jack. Obviously he will not have to coach the jv team he had during his first year, but his work will be cut out for him to get the best out of all his players on a consistent level. I think he did a great job last year keeping the team together and coaching eichel through a few dicey moments, and as a team, they were fun to watch

    I guess every year presents a different challenge, and this year DQ’s coaching skills will be tested in a new way

    Go BU

  9. Am I the only one who sees ISS (as in International Scouting Services) and reads it (at first) as ISIS LOL? The first time that top-30 freshman ranking came out I thought to myself, what does ISIS know about college hockey?

  10. OMG!!!! so SICK of hearing about the stupid dismantling of the “friends” group! GUESS WHAT?? There is STILL a friends group except this group contributes BIG $$$$ and THAT’s who the coaches entertain. Sorry Larry but you sound like a bitter school kid who can’t hang out with the cool kids any more. The CC contributed like 70% more this year than in the past. Doesn’t sound like a group that’s been “dismantled”. It sounds more like a group that got together and felt these “friends” donating like $1000 and acting like they have any kind of say in the program, decided to “go in another direction”…without them!! LOL
    And for the love of GOD and all that’s GOOD, get over Eichel leaving and Letunov not getting in to the school. Jack was no dount ONE in a million…be grateful we got to see him shine! Max is a nitwit…I’m glad BU isn’t going to bow to a meathead athlete that cant pass flippin HIGH SCHOOL. BU is a STUDENT-athlete school…and in case you’ve forgotten, a school’s first job is education. These kids need a good education when they leave because they are not going to have the career Eichel is. Its not like every D1 college is pumping out #1 and 2 draft choices on a regular basis.
    Last on my RANT list…”DAVE” is NOT going to be in the NHL. (He HATES being called DAVE by the way). He’s a straight shooter. This is his dream job, as he said from Day 1. He will have a long successful career at BU because he LOVES BU…and as far as all the BS and “know-it-alls” that come with the job…at the end of the day…DAVID LOVES BU! Period! End of story. So all of you who claim to know this and that, and who’ve been involved since the 70’s….get out of the past. No Kelly, No Parker…NO FOBUH….it’s a new time. You’ve got a MULTI talented hockey guy who has surrounded himself with an equally talented staff. And guess what happens when you have that? Well, you will have a revolving door of players bc Quinn is an ELITE scout (yes he still goes out on the road and is not just “the closer” as some think, but absolutely has the final say) and those kids, what that kind of talent, don’t hang around college hockey for long. Enjoy the ride boys and girls!! It’s gonna be GREAT!!! GO BU!!!

    • Guest66 , you are entitled to your opinion. If you don’t like my comments then ignore them. I do not appreciate your unprovoked personal attack. Your speculation regarding my feelings is both incorrect and unwarranted. My financial support of the Hockey program is a private matter between me and the coach.I have not been an active member or a board member of the Friends for many years. For the record I did not make a contribution to the former friends last year except for a payment to attend the year end hockey banquet. Considering the teams turn around it is not surprising that people joined the CC. ( a group that I did not know existed until it was mentioned at the banquet.) Your lack of respect for the acomplishments of the prior coaches and depicting Max Letunov as a nit wit is unacceptable. If you want to be head cheerleader for Dave that is your prerogative. I think you will understand the Eichel factor once the season begins. If Dave doesn’t like his name perhaps he should change it. The fact is the team up the street keeps its best players longer then expected which has contributed to their success. As painful as this is to put in writing you don’t get a statue built for almost winning. Especially since the team melted into a puddle in the last half of the third period in both Frozen Four games. They survived the first, did not learn from it, and were not as fortunate in the Finals. Hopefully lessons have been learned!

      • Larry, its funny, how I only mentioned you in once sentence yet you took my post so personally. Why?
        Anyway, I absolutely believe you feel shunned. It’d not a personal attack its an observation. It’s all you talk about, the dismantled friends group, the CC which you didn’t know about and Parker and Kelly, which neither did I disrespect. Matter of fact if anyone is showing disrespect, it’s you! You come on here and beat the same dead horses. (Eichel gone, Parker gone, Letunov gone oh and the AD and admissions ). And yes Max is a nitwit for throwing away the opportunity to go to BU. HE let his grades go. The team “up the street” keeps their players longer? Uh, that just means the NHL doesn’t want them as soon as they do (and will next year) the BU ones.
        You don’t seem to be enjoying ANY of the success under the new Coach. (And really?? Change his name?? His name is DAVID, not Dave.) Sure I’ll be his cheerleader! I think what he did after the crap team he was handed the first year was amazing. It’ only the START of year 3 and all the whining is what is unacceptable and unwarranted. IN ONE YEAR he brought this team to the FINALS of the National Championship. ANd yes the team did collapse….I guess that’s what happens when you have the youngest team in the country. They were kids….teenagers. NO ONE thought they’d make it that far. PC got a gift with their bracket AND OC’s drop. Its hard to not get rattled after that. And I am WELL aware of the impact Eichel had. Perhaps you missed that in my post bc you were so focused on thinking the whole thing was a “personal attack” against you?
        I think you should go back and read what you post on here. It’s so negative.

        • It was clear your remarks were directed to me so don’t back track. I am not bitter or feel shunned. I am simply expressing my opinion. You don’t know me or my feelings. Your conjectures are both insulting and inaccurate. The consist name calling of a college athlete is way out of line. If Dave believes creating an elitest group of rich people is a better solution then a strong friends group that is certainly his prerogative. It is his program. It is my belief that as soon as Dave receives a multi year ,multi million dollar offer from a NHL team , he will leave and he should. It is strictly business and makes sense. I am not negative just realistic. I would appreciate it if you would stop the name calling and be more professional.

          • I most certainly am not backtracking. You clearly are not the only person that complains on this blog nor are you the only negative one. There’s a few on here with the proverbial black cloud over their heads. I simply mentioned you by name because you seem to complain or question every move that’s made with the team. Don’t get all huffy. I’m not insulted you called me unprofessional, rude or whatever else. It’s your right to speak freely as it is mine.
            I just thought people would be more positive after such a great season last year. Ah well….all I know is this is going to be another fun year!!

          • You are entitled to your opinions. However I do take exception to your ignorant comments and false accusations about me. I will not make any bold predictions about this years team until I actually see them play. I do make observations and it is my belief that on paper they are not as talented as last year. The biggest question marks are unproven goalies and consistent goal scoring. The strength is clearly on defense. There is not much difference between the majority of teams in the league.
            I hope the CC raises plenty of $$$$ as I hear season ticket renewals are below expectation and revenue is a major concern. I know your view on the Friends , but you should remember that they funded 100 percent of Walter Brown and raised over 50 million to of the 95 million needed to build Agganis ! It will be difficult to accomplish the preceding for future hockey projects under the current regimes set up.

  11. Now that Superman has left the building It will be interesting to see if his work ethic rubbed off on the upper class members . I was told no one worked harder at his craft then him. He did it within a team concept so no one would slack off after watching his focus and drive.

  12. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    To Guest 66: It is great that guys like you do so much for this team we love. The only thing is that if anyone thinks that all these guys on ALL college hockey teams are scholars is laughable. It is my understanding that the program has let several of the players go to night school in the past and left too much free time to, let us say, “wander about”. These players should be in full time day school and many of the recruits should be shown that there is a VALUE to a college education at BU. Maybe then we could retain more players such as BC almost always seems to do. Thank you again for your time.

    • Oh I’m well aware they are not all scholars. But shame on Max for blowing this opportunity bc he couldn’t pass highschool. Sorry, I don’t care how good you are, if you’re that lax that young….tsk tsk on him and mostly his parents!!

  13. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. If you want to be in the hunt for the Frozen Four, year-in and year-out, you must recruit players who will only be around for 2 years. Those are the great players and why shouldn’t they go after the big money while they can get it.

    If your team is made up of all four-year players who will graduate on time, you are not going to hang an NCAA championship banner.

    There are exceptions to the list of great players who are one and done or two and gone. Usually they have a defect, or a perceived defect, and most then stay no more than 3 years; Johnny Gaudreau (too small, 3 years at BC), Gionta – too small), Gerbe (too small), Drury (too small) and you can go on from there.

    To Guest 66, slandering Max Letunov is uncalled for and in pretty bad taste. The BU hockey program, and those associated with it, have a long tradition of treating recruits, opposing players, our current players, their families and former players with respect. You went overboard. Letunov is not the meathead.

  14. I agree, Letenov is probably not a meathead. Bet he is pretty smart. probably can speak multiple languages.

    I think the meatheads can be found in the admissions dept

    • What exactly makes those in the admissions department “meatheads”? That an overall good student was rejected because elements of his transcript (from a school in Moscow) failed to meet BU’s admission standards? That an exception wasn’t made for a highly regarded hockey recruit and 2nd round NHL draft pick?

      A year ago a much less heralded hockey recruit was denied admission (sorry, I don’t know the details), but he was quickly snapped up by another HE school and became eligible in the second semester. Where was the anger over alleged mistreatment of the program by the administration? Either you qualify for admission or you don’t; NHL potential doesn’t factor in. Let’s stop the conspiracy theories and paranoia.

      • I agree completely!

      • Terrier Blogger, The fact that they granted Max a scholarship and then denied his admissions because of transcripts form his high school days in Russia and not last years school work is the issue. The transcripts should have been reviewed prior to granting the scholarship. I have personally dealt with admissions and the systems is flawed and outdated.

  15. Vincent , you are 1000 percent correct !

  16. Son of Caesar Carlaci

    Believe me if a school wants a player AND THE COACH HAS POWER AT THE SCHOOL the player gets into school. Years ago I sat at Walter Brown many times next to an administrator who got hockey players into school. There was a certain great player that BU would not admit and Silber let it up to the Deans to decide. They said no. The next time that administrator saw the player he was playing for Harvard. His verbal SAT’s were in the low 300’s. Later he became captain for Harvard’s hockey team. AT THAT TIME the coach at Harvard had total control of who got into the school. By the way I know BU has many times in the past admitted those without a high school diploma. Would love to know his SAT’s.

  17. If you want to compete with the the school up the street admissions has to be more flexible with marginal students who participate in athletics.I know of one student athlete that was denied access at B.U., got into the chestnut hill community school and led them to two NCAA championships out of the three years he attended.

  18. Never should have been given a scholarship if he was going to be denied admission to the school.

    • Sorry, that’s not how college hockey recruiting works these days. You get verbals from top talent years before they’re ready to enroll, then hold your breath that they down fall prey to CHL dollars or fail to gain admission. In the Spring of 2012, Harvard got verbals from both Brandon Fortunato and Jeremy Bracco; where are they now? Yeah, it would have helped if Letunov’s transcript could have been vetted sooner, but why would you think that would have eliminated the problem with the Moscow courses?

  19. here is why the admissions should have been lenient with Letenov

    a quote from cavanaugh Cav on Letunov: Trmndous instnct. Headfake or drop shouldr freezes D, similr to Gaudreau/Janney. Skates, stick skill exclnt.Puck follows him

  20. My prediction,he will be a MACHINE for UConn,watch….

  21. Its one thing if Maxs’ grades dropped significantly but for the admissions to deny him for old high school records is wrong as they certainly were available prior to granting a scholarship.

  22. Terrier Blogger, Eighteen to twenty year old adults change their mind all the time. There is no excuse for admissions not reading those transcripts prior to granting a scholarship. They should know better and are setting a poor example.

    • When a player “re-opens” his commitment two months before HS graduation, it wasn’t the player who changed his mind, but the institution that changed its offer.

      Agreed that the review of the full transcript should have taken place sooner than the summer before matriculation, but since Letunov was considered to be a good student, there was no reason for the full transcript to be reviewed before the scholarship offer. Again, that’s not how it works.

      • Thank you for your response but you made my point. If he is good student the he should have been admitted and at least given the opportunity to succeed.The additional information reflects poorly on admissions.

        • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

          The aspect of the Letunov situation that I still scratch my head over is that BU has one of the largest, most diverse international student populations. I’m sure Letunov isn’t the first Russian prospective student BU admissions have had to deal with, nor the first international student with transcripts that may not necessarily be of same standard as international English-speaking or “American” high schools. The timing certainly triggers more questions; agreed a review/decision should have occurred sooner.

          • It is my belief that if was not a hockey player he would have been admitted!

          • Not surprising, Larry, since you seem convinced that the administration is out to get the hockey program. Quinn’s contract extension just three months ago and bending the rules to allow Young to become an assistant indicate otherwise.

            While the transcript deficiency with Letunov should have been discovered sooner, it certainly shouldn’t have been overlooked b/c he’s an athlete. Admissions/eligibility problems are not infrequent with athletes. This week RPI lost a top recruit for a year b/c the NCAA said he was a partial qualifier. Three years ago, Frankie Vatrano had to decommit from BC b/c he didn’t pass clearinghouse. And a year ago, Ori Abramson, who had verballed to BU was denied admission and was snapped up by Vermont.

          • I am not interested in other schools problems only the team I support. Lets have a reality check despite the teams success last year I believe he following have occurred.
            1) Name another division one hockey program that does not have an active Friends group and a friends room that will not be utilized
            2) No games on the radio
            3) No games on TV.
            4) After a tremendous turn around below average season ticket renewal
            5) no advertising or marketing to promote the team
            6) 4pm start times for seven games
            7) no contact or social interaction with the team or fans unless you have premium seats or spend I believe $2500 to join the coaches CC.
            8) A coach who was unable to choose his first choice as associate head coach. ( my opinion) ( what bending of rules?)
            9) no letters or updates from the coach. ( how many of you miss the coaches letters)
            10)Unable to organize and run last years banquet with out calling old board members for assistance.

  23. I agree especially with there low academic standards.

  24. Could someone tell me, without editorial commentary, the actual status of the friends of bu hockey. do they exist in name only? is it defunct? do they play some role?

    and when did this shift happen?

  25. Vincent, it exists in name only as part of the athletic development office.They stole the logo and control the funds. It shifted after Jack Parker retired and Dave Quinn was hired. It was in existence his initial year with the previous Board members. (except for Jack who I believe ran the meetings.) After the first year it was my understanding the board was to be dissolved and Dave was supposed to pick his own board. Unfortunately The development office convinced Dave that the Friends should be under there umbrella and now they control it.

  26. The friends lounge will not be open for hockey games anymore. What shame! As recently as 3 years ago,it was a very lively place. Sad to see it go. The rumors of a change to a sports bar are just that. There is not enough space or demand.

    • Are you talking about the room people have dinner and drinks in before the game? Or down near the locker room? The area downstairs wasn’t opened last year either….right?

    • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

      Agreed that this is a shame. The people making the decisions on this space haven’t been on the same page about what to do since the coaching change. It hasn’t been well-received by everyone I know who used to have access to the lounge, as it changes the long-standing pre and post-game routines these donors had.

      I was fine with the stop-gap solution early in the 2013-14 season to grant post-game access to the Burke Club Room to FOH donors. I believe some Premium Seat Holders who don’t donate to FOH didn’t take it very well, but I think most FOH donors were quite happy to still have a space to gather post-game. It was disappointing last year that they got rid of the bar in the FOH lounge post-game and even more disappointing this year that the space will go unused.

      The sports bar concept has been mentioned for at least the last 2 years. The things decision-makers can’t seem to figure out are: 1) At which donation level should people have access to the space? 2) Can the space be reconfigured appropriately (i.e. they’d need to build their own kitchen down there instead of transporting food from upstairs)?

      Unfortunately right now I don’t have a lot of confidence that the concept will come to fruition, but it’s important that the space be properly used for the hockey program’s purposes in some way, shape for form. I know if I were the Umana family and gave as much $ as they did to put their names on the lounge, I’d be asking some tough questions.

      • This was the plan all along but could not be executed until Jack was forced out. I am surprised the present coach does not see the value of a strong passionate Friends Group and believes development will take care of fund raising. This strategy has never succeeded in the past.

  27. Hi Allison. The downstairs room is the FOH room and that was open last year. As a FOH, I was able to go in there between periods and after the game to talk to other FOH peeps, players and their families. The upstairs room I believe is called the Burke Lounge and that is where Premium season ticket holders can have drinks and dinner … before and after the game.

  28. Lets see no FOH room and no games on the radio. What is next? Games at 10am and no beer sales?

  29. I got my annual call last night from a player on the team introducing himself and thanking me for my support over the years. I think it is a great touch and I very much appreciated it. Now that the friends group is no longer if we don’t donate money do we lose our loyalty points for continuous years of giving.

    • Friend_of_BU_Hockey

      Dan — contact Kyle Shawgo (kshawgo@bu.edu), the new Athletic Development liaison for hockey. I’m not sure if you either lose the continuous years of giving points in its entirety, or if you just don’t accrue additional points for each year of not giving to the program. It’s stuff like this that needs to be transparent and hopefully will be based on lessons learned from how the FF ticket situation (and lack of clarity on loyalty points) was handled last season.

      Agreed that the annual pre-season call from a player is a nice touch. My call was from one of the Freshmen; it was very nice to hear how excited he is about being at BU. Look forward to seeing him contribute to the program’s success this year and beyond.

  30. Ozzie, I agree none of these decisions make any sense but that is the result of not having a strong support from the administration and the dismantling of a very passionate Friends Group that in past years would have challenged these decisions. My greatest fear is they move games back to Walter Brown Arena due to lack of attendance.

    • Larry, you’ve finally connected the dots on the big conspiracy. The administration pressured admissions to deny Letunov. That loss weakens the current team and convinces other top talent to not even consider BU. The losses mount and attendance shrivels, providing the administration with cover to move the men’s team back to WBA. Agganis becomes the new home of pricey UFC and WWE events on weeknights and is leased to the state on weekends as an armory for the national guard. Diabolically brilliant. Also as part of the far-reaching plot, President Brown personally caused the podcast snafu at the Sunset Cantina, just as years ago he stole Captain Queeg’s strawberries.

      • I hope your sunshine and lollipop out look ,attitude, unconditional support of the administration earn you extra Terrier reward points. I imagine a picture of president Brown and Coach Quinn hung in your bedroom and saluted every day. (twice after a B. U. Win !) I suppose that it is a conspiracy theory that all B- Ball games are back in the roof or a recent article in the daily free press was extremely negative toward hockey and urged freshman not to attend any games ! Evan I was shocked at is length and the anti hockey message.

        • My last comment was, of course, tongue-in-cheek. But it’s particularly disingenuous and lame to assume I take a Polyanna-ish view of the hockey program, just because I’ve pushed back on repeated cranky-old-guy paranoia. I have plenty of issues with the program. Too name a few: closing the Friends room; ticket, parking and food prices; no broadcast radio; the horrible quality of TerrierTV webcasts (compared to RPI or Vermont); the dismal state of the Friends today, and some of the inactions of the Friends during the past decade. Specifically, I urged, unsuccessfully, many times that recent graduates be given free (or minimal cost) Friends memberships for two years. Give ’em a taste and they’ll start playing for it.

          As for the anti-hockey column in the DFP, that was just one student’s voice and if you bothered to read the comments, most were extremely critical. No hoops at Agganis? Unless you have specific facts that demonstrate an anti-athletics motive, once again you’ve got nothing.

          • The point is I can be a sacastic as you! Ironically , I agree with the majority of your assessment. It is not all cranky old guy paranoia I do have a source that has asked me not to reveal his current or former position at the university ,that keeps me informed .All his information is reliable. I personally hope that the team never leaves Agganis arena . However as a retired businessman I know that has hockey has to show a profit, if it doesn’t then there is cause for concern. Even you understand that attendance is important.

  31. Wow all this nonsense how about forget what happen last year and l forward to a good season and let’s see what happens…. keep the faith …let’s go Bu

  32. Ozzie,
    how about 10 am games with 2 for 1 beer sales? that way you can get a jump on your day


  33. The Sports bar concept is a non starter. There is neither enough space nor demand. The arena management offices would have to be moved but there’s no room. The arena didn’t sell out with the best college hockey player (in decades) playing there. What will attendance be like this year? Same as always except for the 4 pm games. Those games will have sparse attendance. The Michigan game starts at 6. On a Friday! It will be almost empty to begin that game.

    • Exactly my sentiments. The problem is there is no one left to oppose these unilateral decision that don’t make sense.