Jack Eichel to sign with Sabres, part ways with BU

UPDATE: Eichel officially signed a three-year deal with the Sabres this afternoon. Here’s our full report on The Daily Free Press.

Center Jack Eichel will leave BU and sign a deal with the Buffalo Sabres, and is expected to sign a contract on Wednesday, a source confirmed with The Daily Free Press.

Eichel, who was drafted second overall by the Sabres on Friday night, was reportedly weighing his options and waiting to decide whether to turn pro until after the draft.

Shawn Stepner of WKBW, the ABC affiliate in Buffalo, first reported that Eichel will sign his deal Wednesday. And it looks like Eichel is already in Buffalo:

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.


  1. I was expecting this decision, but it is still hard to read. I knew it was a long-shot that Jack would stay another year … but I am a cockeyed optimist. Having said that, I wish Jack all the best in the NHL. I look forward to reading about his accolades at the pro level (except against the NYR). So, thanks Jack, for the extremely positive impact that you and your family have had on the BU Hockey program.

    • The sentimentalist in me hoped for another shot at the title with Jack as Captain, but I think we all knew it wasn’t to be. I agree with comments that he made a major contribution in helping turn the program around in just one year. BU Hockey is well positioned for a few titles in the years to come!

      Looking back over the past twelve months, I think anyone of us would have signed up for the year just experienced.

      And the future looks great; I am please that Quinn is on board for the long haul and the recruiting program is as strong as any program in the D1.

      Thanks Jack!

  2. Congrats jack and kick butt win that cup

  3. As a Bruins fan, I wish Jack the best (except when playing Boston..sorry Glenn) but I too have a hard time reading this. I really though he would stay another year to get more experience under his belt (not to mention being thisclose to winning it all). All the best Jack and to Evan as well in the Buffalo organization.

  4. I was not surprised but couldn’t understand why it took so long to announce. The best B.U. hockey player I have watched in 50 years of being a fan. Impossible to replace. Hopefully the remaining players learned valuable lessons from him that can be taught to the incoming freshman. My biggest concern for next year is the goalie position.

  5. For all who are glum now at the thought of an Eichel-less Terrier squad, here’s something to cheer y’all up: The early mock drafts have three BU commits being taken in the first round of the 2016 NHL draft. With another kid who is giving serious consideration to BU, that could make it FOUR. All together, the other guys down the road have … ZILCH. Of course that could change, but hey, things are looking as good as can be. It’s just reality that the down-side of getting kids who are expected to be taken in the top-five of the first round (like Eichel), will almost always leave after one year.

    • I am more concerned about the current season then the future. Few players make impacts like Jack. I remember after Rick Dipetrio left, the next season was less then spectacular.

  6. walter carlson

    Good luck to Jack. However he is not ready to play in the NHL. His game has many problems and he needed more play at a lower level. In time he will be a star but will be very frustrated this year. Also the money he gets is very small for such a high draft pick in pro sports. Less than a million for THREE years I heard. This is good today? I don’t think so. Those who ave stayed at BU for more time have done better except for Tkachuk. By the way we just lost the best center BU ever had in Herb Wakabayashi just last month. RIP Herbie.

  7. Yes, Herb Wakabayashi was a wonderful man and Terrier and may G-d bless his soul. No, not less than a million for three years (for Jack). $950,000 per year … and that’s just base salary.

    As for next season, we will still have a boatload of talent without Jack. I wish he would have stayed to pretty much guarantee us a title for 2016 … but we still have a darn good shot.

  8. Yea, I think it was under a million each of three years. All not guaranteed I do not think. Still Walter is right in that it is not a lot of money for the second pick. Th Red Sox first pick (6th or 8th overall I think)got 3.5 million UP FRONT. But I know baseball is different. Should have stayed in school. I think he will need time in AHL next year and I don’t think he will like all the travel. Ask Colby Cohen about minor league hockey some time.

    • In my opinion Jack had nothing left to prove at the collegiate level. I believe he is guaranteed his base and bonus for the next three years . He signed a one way contract and will be in Buffalo for the next three years. He has to earn 3.5 million in incentives. Also as the face of U.S.A.and the Sabres, he will have many advertising and marketing opportunities. His recent stellar performance at the world tournament , against NHL caliber talent sealed his fate.

  9. To the comment about that not being a lot of money for the second pick: That may be the case (though I think it is a lot of money); but I believe that’s the maximal amount for an NHL entry contract. I don’t think it would be any different if he stayed another three years at BU, scored 100 points in each of those seasons, and won a few NCAA titles for BU. The max is the max. I am not positive on that but am pretty sure. I think it’s wonderful that he spent his first day as a Buffalo Sabre by visiting cancer patients at Roswell Park.