2015-16 captains announced, team awards presented at Friends of Hockey Banquet

Boston University men’s hockey coach David Quinn announced junior captain Matt Grzelcyk will serve as the Boston University men’s hockey captain for 2015-16, while freshman forward Jack Eichel, junior forward Danny O’Regan and junior forward Matt Lane were named 2015-16 assistant captains at the 52nd annual Friends of BU Hockey Banquet on Friday evening at the Metcalf Hall in BU’s George Sherman Union.

Grzelcyk also confirmed at the ceremony that he will return for his senior season.

Additionally, eight awards were presented at the ceremony. Grzelcyk was awarded the Clifford P. Fitzgerald Scholarship, presented annually to an “outstanding rising junior or senior defenseman.” In his first season as captain of the Terriers, Grzelcyk collected CCM First Team All-American, Hockey East First Team All-Star and Hockey East All-Tournament Team accolades.

Junior goaltender Matt O’Connor earned the Regina Eilberg Scholarship — dedicated to a player that “combines the highest standards of Terrier athletics and academic performance.”

Freshman center Jack Eichel was named the Ed Carpenter Award recipient, given to the BU skater that leads the team in scoring. In an impressive freshman campaign, Eichel led the Terriers — and the nation — with 71 points in 40 games.

Graduate student goaltender Anthony Moccia and senior assistant captain Cason Hohmann received the Bennett McInnis Award for Spirit, given to players that best represent “the spirit of a Boston University hockey player both on and off the ice.”

In its third year of circulation, the Iron Terrier Award — awarded to the Terrier player who best displays “character, strength, dedication and discipline in the weight room and off-ice training” — was handed to Hohmann.

Flying under the radar as an unheralded recruit out of Buckingham Browne and Nichols, freshman defenseman Brien Diffley became a relied upon member of the BU blueline and was subsequently given the Most Improved Player Award.

Hohmann added to his already impressive haul of trophies on the night when he was awarded The Friends Albert Sidd Unsung Hero Award, handed out to the player “who contributes much during his four years and does not garner proper recognition.”

After capturing the third BU player to capture the Hobey Baker Award, Eichel was bestowed with the George V. Brown Most Valuable Player Award.

With the scarlet and white captains already in place for the 2015-16 season, the ceremony ended on a look ahead, as the Terriers will open the new year in Schenectady, New York, taking on Union College on Oct. 10.

Conor Ryan contributed to the reporting of this article.


  1. Nice to see that Gryz is returning for his Senior season. Hope that Jack and Danny stay too. Not too worried about Matt Lane leaving.I think he stays as well. Agreed on Cason winning those awards. He is the little spark plug of the team. Think Matt Lane can fill that role next season.

  2. The only one who may not be back is Jack. Hopefully Buffalo wins the draft lottery and picks McDavid. Allegedly if that happens the odds of his returning increases. Even if that occurs I would be pleasantly surprised if he returns. I believe he has mixed emotions and it will not be an easy decision.

  3. It was a poignant scene seeing eichel cry after accepting the team’s mvp award. no idea what that means in terms of his future, other than the fact he and his parents love BU

    i think o’reagan and oksanen will return. if there is a slim chance we add eichel, then tampa here we come

    it will be interesting to see how the competition plays at out at D next year with all of these 6 goys returning plus the addition of Mc Avoy. those are 7 talented guys and i hate to see any of them sit. once problem to have? maybe. we shall see. hope it does not cause resentment and unrest

  4. If only Grizz leaves I don’t know where the new guys are going to get the money to come here unless they postpone. If they do not come we may lose them because it cost money to go back into the jr.’s in the United states. There is only so much scholarship money available. I don’t know what Quinn would do if the four or so guys who said they were leaving decide to come back.

  5. Grizz is not leaving … as per his announcement on Friday evening. It was nice seeing everyone from Terrier Nation at the banquet. I really enjoyed the company of everyone at Table #29 … Sarah, Conor, Andrew, Larry and Dean! As I expected, it was well worth my drive from White Plains.

    I wholeheartedly agree Vincent. Once I heard Jack say he didn’t want to get emotional, I knew he would get emotional. It’s like when someone says “well, not to insult you, but …” and you know an insult is well on its way LOL. Anyway, Jack really demonstrated how attached he is to the BU program.

  6. Thanks Sarah! Yes, there’s no substitute for face-to-face. Just curious, was the event what you expected? I enjoy it so much. The evening always ends too soon. Of course now that the banquet is over, there’s no denying that cawlidge hawkey season is over as well. 🙁

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      I had a great time! I especially liked that there was time to recognize everyone on the team, not just the “stars” — felt like a true team event, if that makes sense. It was a nice way to bring some closure to the season, and reflect on what really was a great year for the team, I thought.

  7. Wish I could have been at the banquet as I was still in Fort Myers, FL at my winter home. No doubt a bittersweet season mostly great until the end.
    I understand Eichel will be playing in the World Championships in early May.
    That plus the NHL draft in late June would probably delay his decision till then.

    I read in an article recently that some NHL players wished they had delayed turning pro one more year most notably Phil Kessel.

    That plus getting back to BU to win the Frozen Four ,being so young at just 18 and liking the school so much might convince him to stay.

    Still, millions of dollars dangling in his face and probably being drafted by Buffalo where his parents could see him play in the Bruin’s conference…

    Tough decision for a kid.

    The money might be too tough to resist.

    Clark Broden

  8. The money is slotted and although tempting, I do not think will be a decisive factor. Thank the Buffalo G.M. for putting his foot in his mouth after they lost the #1 pick. It might be a factor in the final decision. Hopefully he returns but I will not be surprised if he leaves.

  9. Hi Larry. I agree wholeheartedly. The Buffalo GM’s remarks were in no way, shape or form welcoming to Eichel (in my opinion). I can’t believe he said what he said. He (Eichel) said that he understands why Murray said what he did and doesn’t seem to have any ill feelings to him. Still, if I was the GM of a team that was getting a once-in-a-generation player like Eichel, I’d keep my pie-hole shut. Of course as a Terrier fan, I hope this does make Jack want to come back to BU for another year. In the meantime, I am thrilled that we have our first-team All-American (Grzelcyk) returning for his senior season. The fact that we will have all three of our defensive pairings coming back for 2015-16 is a tremendously positive development. Of course it does raise the question of what becomes of the highly regarded McAvoy? I know he is currently being considered as a 2016 2nd round NHL Draft pick.

    • The Eichel advisors and family are a lot smarter then the GM and would never burn any bridges. I doubt what was expressed were there real thoughts, but unlike the Buffalo GM , they do not have to make a phony apology. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Certainly not an any decision. Why do I feel the NHL will ultimately win out ?

  10. Friend_of_BU_Hockey

    There are many benefits to returning to BU for another year. Another shot at winning the national championship and an unprecedented 2nd Hobey Baker. The chance to serve as one of the alternate captains and develop leadership skills that he’ll need as a likely future NHL captain. Another opportunity to captain the US World Junior team and seek redemption for last season’s shortcoming. Another year of development in specific areas of his game as well as his physical strength. Another year of being around teammates and a school he really loves (and vice-versa). Another year of being a college student and being geographically close to his family before embarking on his NHL career.

    The NHL entry-level deal is capped at $925K/year at 3 years max. He’d get the same contract whether he signs this Summer or next. I certainly think he’d be a good NHL player next season, but feel strongly that another year at BU could turn him into an even better NHL player his rookie year. I think it turned out quite well for someone like Jonathan Toews (whom, IMO, is a more likely comparison).