David Quinn nominated for national Coach of the Year award

The Hockey East Coach of the Year is getting national recognition for the season he’s helped orchestrate on Commonwealth Avenue this year.

The American Hockey Coaches Association announced Wednesday that Boston University head coach David Quinn is one of eight finalists for the Spencer Penrose Award, which is given annually to the top Division I men’s hockey coach.

Quinn, in his second year as head coach at BU, has turned the program around from a 10-win team a season ago to one that is a Frozen Four finalist. The Terriers have also claimed the Beanpot and both the Hockey East regular-season and postseason titles this season, ending a six-year title drought.

If Quinn does in fact take the award, it would be the fifth time in school history that a coach has won it. Hank Cleverly was the recipient in 1958, while Jack Parker was a three-time winner (1975, 1978, 2009).

Other coaches nominated include all four national semifinalists, including Providence College’s Nate Leaman.

The following is a full list of the nominees:

Dean Blais, University of Nebraska Omaha
Greg Carvel, St. Lawrence University
Guy Gadowsky, Penn State University
Dave Hakstol, University of North Dakota
Mike Hastings, Minnesota State University
Nate Leaman, Providence College
David Quinn, Boston University
Derek Schooley, Robert Morris University

19 thoughts on “David Quinn nominated for national Coach of the Year award”

  1. A very much deserved nomination. I wish DQ the best of luck in winning it. I can only imagine how stupid Mister Anonymous feels now (DQ’s personal online heckler from last season).

  2. I know right?? What a fantastic season!! I dont think this is a one year thing either….He and his staff are amazing recruiters….and with this magical season, the draw to come to BU will be even greater than it normally is!! I can’t wait for Thursday!!

  3. It’s interesting how in pro sports failure brings future success (with the way the draft works) and in college sports success brings even more future success (with the way recruits are more enticed to come to a winning program). So, we are extraordinarily fortunate to have gotten our program back to being a winner. Just curious, are you going to the game on Thursday?

  4. To Glenn above: Very good point about the college/ pro games vis a vis future success. Many more great young hockey players will now gravitate toward Quinn’s program. Can’t make Thursday’s game but will try to get to Championship game Go BU !!!!

  5. Very well deserved. With his coaching skills and the recruiting skills of Coach Greeley and O’Connell this program has a lot to look forward to in the upcoming years. I’m buying Frozen Four tickets for Tampa as soon as they go on sale.

  6. I also find it very funny that all of the Quinn bashers from last year and earlier in the season have apparently gone back under the rock in their parents basement. True fans stick with the team during the good and the bad times. GO BU

  7. Oh, Dan, I’m be the mock Quinn basher, just like I mocked the bashers last year. I’ve had a whole year to work on this-

    Look, I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Quinn should have been out by July of 2013, so they could have hired a more qualified coach like Joe Sacco. Sacco should have been let go that September, so they could have had a better coach like Ken Rauch. Rauch should have been let go when Grzelcyk went down injured last season, to be replaced by Peter Ahola. When last season ended, Ahola should have resigned. Then, Mike Milbury could have been hired. Sure, after a week he would be gone, but then we would get the guy we should have gotten the whole time- Leon Abbott. He was screwed out of the job the first time around, so now is his time.

    That’s right, Leon Abbott should have been nominated for the award!

    Seriously, though, congrats to Quinn. My only worry is that it is only his second year. How can he follow this up?

  8. LOL John!
    I think Quinn will follow this up with many more HE championships and Frozen Four appearances and might as well throw in a few National Championships while we’re at it. BU is going to be THE place to play college hockey. BC will be getting our scraps that we turn away.
    GO BU!!! Cant wait til Thursday!!!

  9. I can’t believe how much I’m going to have to shell out for Thursday’s game! I always wanted more interest in BU Hockey. As they say, be careful what you wish for LOL!

  10. I don’t think Allison’s suggestion to try Vivid for tickets is what you want to try. I think that someone was pranking her. Thanks anyway Allison. Go BU.

  11. That was actually Sarah who recommended Vivid. I’ve been keeping an eye on that site and Stubhub and the prices seem pretty similar. My problem is that many offerings are not available to singles. Anonymous – how come you don’t like Vivid (just curious)?

  12. Hey it said the Coach of the Year was going to be announced today. Anyone hear anything?
    WOW Glenn, so awesome you are going to the game. Still debating if I should spend the money or cross fingers and hope they make it to Saturday. I think there will be tickets available at that time….thoughts??

  13. Hi Allison! As you probably know by now, DQ got runner-up for the Spencer Penrose Award (coach of the year). It went to Minnesota State’s guy. As for tickets to Saturday night’s game (if we are in it), I will just go on Stubhub again. There should be a decent amount of people from either Providence or Omaha who will be looking to sell tickets they might have bought in advance. So yeah – there will be tickets … if you’re willing to pay a hefty price. This North Dakota team is going to be really, really tough. I hope to see you at the game! I hope to see all of yous at the game!

  14. Hi glen I just came on and seen your question sorry about that but u all set with tickets.. Let’s go Bu!!

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