TRANSCRIPT: BU players after OT win over Yale in NCAA Regional

What is the players’ perspective on falling behind and coming back?
Evan Rodrigues: “I think we were a little tense until they scored. And I think once we got down, there was kind of like there was nothing to hold back for. You kind of hold your stick a little looser. We knew that we had to score to move on and to win the game. When they scored, we just kind of just back to our game and started doing the things that we do on a consistent basis.”

What played into that back-and-forth first period?
Danny O’Regan: “I think we definitely came out a little nervous. Not a lot of guys on our team have been to the tournament before and I think we kind of showed that we were definitely a little tense. Giving up a lot of breaks, odd-man rushes. Really uncharacteristic of us, but once we settled down we showed we were much better.”

Did worry about missing the net on the game-winning goal?
O’Regan: “The way the game was going I thought I could’ve put it over the net, maybe. I definitely had a bunch of chances early and the goalie kind of had my number, I think I caught a post. That net was pretty gaping and I got a lucky bounce for once so it was a nice open net for me.”

What does it say for team to overcome nerves again?
Rodrigues: “I think we’re just young. We’re one of the youngest teams in college hockey and playing on this big, big stage it takes guys maybe a few extra minutes to kind of get into the game and kind of relax themselves. But, I think we’ve done a good job of being able to kind of relax as the game goes on. Like I said earlier, just play our game. Obviously it’s something we don’t like to do, we like to start off from the get-go. It showed we’ve had these kind of comebacks all throughout the year and I think we’ve done a good job of coming back.”

Why are you so good in the third period?
O’Regan: “Just shows our resilience and when we do the right things, work hard and make simple plays. Just, we happen to do it in the third more often, but it ended up working out for us. And this late in the season, Hockey East playoffs, now this tournament, we’re down late in the game, and I know it was in my head, I’m sure it was in a bunch of guys’ heads, but we don’t want this to be our last game that we play together, especially for our seniors. We just didn’t want it to end, so we really turned up the motivation.”

Do all the rebound goals stem from puck luck or good instincts to go to the net?
O’Regan: “I think it’s a little bit of both. I play with two really skilled players who know how to create chances. They usually get a lot of pucks to the net, so it’s not a bad place to go. I usually get a few bounces every game and sometimes capitalize on them. Yeah, that one I guess was just a combination of, coach was harping on it, just get to the net and good things will happen. I was able to catch a lucky bounce.”

How did you feel about Matt O’Connor’s play tonight?
O’Regan: “Yeah, he’s been unbelievable all year, and just like I said, he’s been just keeping us in games, especially of late. Just, they have an odd-man rush, it’s almost like we don’t even get worried, really. When they get a 2-on-1, he comes up with a glove save out of nowhere. He’s just been so solid back there. We all trust him so much, we almost take advantage of it sometimes and step in a hole too much, I don’t know what it is. He’s been unbelievable, just a brick wall for us.

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