Beanpot Roundup: Terriers clinch 1st Beanpot win in 6 years

For the first time in six years, the Boston University men’s hockey team took home the Beanpot trophy thanks a 4-3 overtime victory over Northeastern University Monday night at TD Garden.

The folks at the Boston Hockey Blog has a ton of content out today on BU’s dramatic win, so here’s a quick roundup of our content for today. Enjoy!

– Conor has the recap of BU’s dramatic win against the Huskies.

– Andrew highlights BU senior assistant captains Evan Rodrigues and Cason Hohmann — who finally hoisted the Beanpot trophy in their last tournament appearance.

– Sarah has a piece on freshman Jack Eichel, who contributed to BU’s win in a variety of ways.

– Conor discusses junior captain Matt Grzelcyk’s tournament MVP performance on Monday night

– Sarah wrote about sophomore Robbie Baillargeon putting an end to his scoring drought on the biggest stage of his collegiate career.

– Sarah compiled a list of social-media reactions to BU’s victory — including a bunch of content from the Terriers themselves.


  1. I am so pissed off at the Boston Globe

    Yesterday they had 2 significant articles on BC’s CONSOLATION win over Harvard.

    Then today they had an article that was primarily devoted to the penalty call against NU in overtime

    Slanted/biased journalism, but I guess you can’t change a zebra’s stripes

  2. I saw the game at a BU-sponsored watch-party in NYC. I wish I could get a slow-motion video clip of the “controversial” OT penalty call against NU. I still haven’t seen a replay.

  3. So….my thoughts are i dont feel it should have been a penalty….but then again, like Glenn said, haven’t been able to see it slo mo. Regardless, shame on the globe…but really isnt all journalism about sensationalizing and causing drama? Lol
    Let’s just enjoy this one. .. and perhaps get ready to hold up another trophy this weekend….

  4. Hey Allison! I did get to see the replay (though not in slo-mo) of the play that drew the penalty. What’s clear is the NU guy did have the stick around Eichel. What’s not clear is how much that impeded #9. Was it a touch or a forceful pull with the stick? I have no idea. BU does seem to have a knack for drawing penalties in OT sessions … and capitalizing on them. So, defenders from other teams should be forewarned. 🙂

  5. I can’t believe they just suspended NU Coach Madigan. That seems pretty stupid to me.

  6. What? Why? Because of his comments about the call??

  7. Yes – and he apparently argued on Saturday too (from what I read). It’s beyond ridiculous that he can’t express his feelings of frustration without being punished. Unless he used the most vulgar/abusive language to the officials, it should be his business as to what he wants to vocalize.

  8. Maybe the controversial call looked bad from the replay POV but from where the official was standing is what counts. He was on the opposite side.

    When I hear complaints about that call I suggest people review the replay of Darou’s tying goal. Tell me the cross check he delivers to Somerby’s back, knocking him down and allowing for the goal wasn’t penalty worthy…