Live blog: No. 1 BU vs. No. 9 Colgate

Time/Location: 4 p.m./Agganis Arena

BU lines:
Ahti Oksanen – Jack Eichel – Danny O’Regan
Evan Rodrigues – Matt Lane – Cason Hohmann
Chase Phelps – Mike Moran – J.J. Piccinich
A.J. Greer – Nick Roberto – Tommy Kelley

Matt Grzelcyk – Brien Diffley
Brandon Fortunato – Brandon Hickey
Doyle Somerby – John MacLeod

Matt O’Connor
Connor LaCouvee
Anthony Moccia

Colgate lines:
Tyson Spink – Mike Panowyk – Kyle Baun
Joe Wilson – John Lidgett – Daniel Gentzler
Evan Peterson – Andrew Black – Tim Harrison
Derek Freeman – Sebastian Weberg – Emilio Audi

Spiro Goulakos – Jake Kulevich
Kevin Lough – Brett Corkey
Ryan Johnson – Brendan Corcoran

Charlie Finn
Zac Hamilton
Bruce Racine

Jeff Bunyon
Bob Richie
Kevin Briganti
Tom Cronin

Live Blog BU vs. Colgate (11-29-14)


  1. Please have your website address the following:
    The text in the blog is too light
    There are no longer links to other info that the old site had such as The Terrier Fan Blog, and other teams’ blogs.
    Your news articles are in a separate location from this blog site… Too many searches and clicks to find them.
    Too long before post game videos are posted and the volume is too low.
    Much thanks to the bloggers who tirelessly bring us the live game blog which makes being at the game more fun and informative… And is esseantial for away games that are not nearby,

    • Re: videos — I upload the videos as soon as I get back from the press conference, and by the time the presser gets over and the videos process, it usually takes about an hour, maybe longer if YouTube is taking a while. Not too much I can do to speed up the process. In terms of volume, also not much I can do unless BU puts up microphones or I buy editing software that costs thousands of dollars. Personally, and maybe it’s just my laptop/ears, I’ve been able to hear it without turning it up too much when I wear headphones. When I have it go through the speakers, it’s a bit tougher to hear. Maybe that’s the special trick.

      All of our news content is at dailyfreepress.com/category/ice-hockey/ , so as to remain consistent with the rest of The Daily Free Press’s standards. We try to link the news stories in our articles here, but it might be worth bookmarking the aforementioned link, too, to save you a few clicks.

      I’ll add that widget back linking old blogs when I get a chance. Re: blog text, are you talking about the hockey blog itself, or the CoverItLive live blog? We’ve been trying to fix the insanely light live blog text — it requires some advanced coding that no one at our paper knows, so I’ll be contacting CiL support tonight. If it’s an issue with the actual website, though, let me know and that should be a relatively easy fix to make it darker.