Live Blog: No. 2/3 BU vs. University of Connecticut

Time/Location: 3:30 p.m./XL Center

Friday Recap vs. Maine
Game Preview

BU Lines:
Ahti Oksanen-Jack Eichel-Danny O’Regan
Evan Rodrigues-Cason Hohmann-J.J. Piccinich
A.J. Greer-Matt Lane-Nick Roberto
Chase Phelps-Mike Moran-J.D. Carrabino

Matt Grzelcyk-John MacLeod
Brandon Fortunato-Brandon Hickey
Doyle Somerby-Brien Diffley

Matt O’Connor
Connor LaCouvee
Anthony Moccia

UConn Lines:
Cody Sharib-Shawn Pauly-Trevor Gerling
Spencer Naas-Kasperi Ojantakanen-Jesse Schwartz
Patrick Kirtand-Ryan Tyson-Corey Ronan
Jeff Wight-Brent Norris-Joona Kunnas

Kyle Huson-Johnny Austin
David Drake-Jacob Poe
Derek Pratt-Ryan Segalla

Rob Nichols
Tom Comunale
Steve Thulin

Scott Hansen
Tim Low
Peter Cataiano
Brendan Kelleher

Live Blog BU vs. UConn (11-22-14)


  1. Bu wins yahoo

  2. This team is blessed with many great players but, moreover, (quoting Aristotle) “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This is (perhaps above all sports) a TEAM game, and the unselfish play that our elite athletes consistently manifest is creating a singular force; that teams with similarly skilled, but less altruistic players, cannot match. Everybody has everybody else’s back if mistakes are made, and passes that set up goals are quickly acknowledged by the scorers on the ice, and in interviews thereafter. Singleness of purpose, and unsurpassed talent – Go Terriers!