1. Wrong video??

  2. Ok when i first watched it it was the video from last weekend. All set ty

  3. Quinn must get Hohman off that second line. He works hard but does not have it at all at this level. He lost puck almost all the time to a Maine checker. Like to see Greer get a chance as he seems to have his head in the game notwithstanding his young age.
    On the same Bernie and Ryan said Homan played a great game ! What ? What are they watching ? They even wanted him for second star. I saw it on tv and maybe I am completely wrong but I saw what I saw. Are these guys completely controlled by the BU AD or what? Bernie and Ryan were much better when Bernie produced the show himself and Ryan did not get paid. Sad. At least now the quality and sound level of the “broadcast” are so bad I can disregard most of it.