Live blog: No. 5 BU vs. University of Connecticut

Time/Location: 7 p.m./Agganis Arena

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BU lines:
Evan Rodrigues-Jack Eichel-Danny O’Regan
Nikolas Olsson-Robbie Baillargeon-Cason Hohmann
A.J. Greer-Matt Lane-Kevin Duane
J.J. Piccinich-Mike Moran-Nick Roberto

Matt Grzelcyk-John MacLeod
Brandon Fortunato-Brandon Hickey
Doyle Somerby-Brien Diffley

Connor LaCouvee
Matt O’Connor
Anthony Moccia

UConn lines:
Patrick Kirtland-Karsperi Ojantakanen-Corey Ronan
Spencer Naas-Shawn Pauly-Trevor Gerling
Johnny Austin-Ryan Tyson-Joey Ferriss
Cody Sharib-Jesse Schwartz-Evan Richardson

David Drake-Jacob Poe
Derek Pratt-Ryan Segalla
Kyle Huson-Joona Kunnas

Rob Nichols
Tom Comunale
Steve Thulin

Live Blog BU vs. UConn (11-08-2014)


  1. Who’s the idiot that thought that moving BU hockey radio broadcasts to internet-only is a good idea? Do they really want to alienate a chunk of their fan base?

  2. Ozzie, I am livid about it. I have been a radio fan from the 1965 season. Plus, they have a poor volume that I can hardly hear. And they did not tell the fans until a day or so before. That whole administration needs an overhaul.

  3. I too would like to see a radio broadcast, but I’m guessing that they could not get the sponsors for this year. That does not speak well for the program.

  4. When it comes to tonight’s plusses and minuses, the biggest “minus” in my book goes to the cameraman and/or the video production coordinator. That was an awful job. There were so many times when play would resume (watching on CBS Sports Online subscription) and the camera was still showing the players sitting on the bench for 5-10 seconds … before redirecting the camera to the action. Are you kidding?

  5. There are plenty of sponsors on the broadcast. The AD people have their heads up their butts if they think this is the “modern” way to go. It takes two or three “click ons” to get the damn thing to work. Then you can’t hear the thing. Nothing wrong with my computer as volume on everything else is ok. If you think I am old fashioned think again as I use my computer to pick up far away stations all the time. Then last night Bernie insults us “older” fans as not being with it. We old fans built the program in the Kelly era and can not get to games as we used to do back in the day. I know of one alum that called me upset because he never ha used a computer or has I smart phone . I am going to show him how to use a computer as I do that as volunteer in retirement building all the time. Bernie used to be a good guy and with the fans and now praises a “broadcast that can’t be heard by many and has zero production “bling”. Bernie has hurt his once great legacy. So sorry to have to say that.