By the Numbers: BU versus Providence (Part II)

The No. 5 Boston University men’s hockey team lost for the first time since March when it fell to No. 12 Providence College on Saturday night. For the first 25 or so minutes against the Friars (2-3-1, 1-1 Hockey East), BU (4-1, 2-1 Hockey East) played some of its worst hockey since that time. From bad penalties to lack of puck possession, the Terriers fell behind early and could not come up with a big goal late.

Again, we’ll take a look at the Corsi and Fenwick numbers of even strength play for this By the Numbers.

*A note with this edition — our shot chart has some discrepancies with the shot count. Some of the shots on the chart aren’t clearly marked a power-play chance or a blocked shot, so the numbers might be off by a couple. The percentage should not be thrown off by more than one or two points. *

Corsi Full Game

Corsi For: 54 (Shots on goal, missed shots, blocked shots)

Corsi Against: 39

Corsi For Percentage: 58.1

Corsi First Period 

Corsi For: 9

Corsi Against: 18

Corsi For Percentage: 33.3

BU Goals: 0

PC Goals: 1

Corsi Second Period

Corsi For: 21

Corsi Against: 15

Corsi For Percentage: 58.3

BU Goals: o

PC Goals: 1

Corsi Third Period

Corsi For: 24

Corsi Against: 6

BU Goals: 1

PC Goals: 0

Fenwick Full Game

Fenwick For: 41 (shots on goal, missed shots)

Fenwick Against: 27

Fenwick For Percentage: 60.3

Fenwick First Period

Fenwick For: 5

Fenwick Against: 11

Fenwick For Percentage: 31.3

Fenwick Second Period

Fenwick For: 18

Fenwick Against: 12

Fenwick For Percentage: 60

Fenwick Third Period

Fenwick For: 18

Fenwick Against: 4

Fenwick For Percentage: 81.2


As a whole, the Terriers had the advantage in Corsi and Fenwick. The first period and first half of the second frame, however, was the undoing of the team. Providence’s forecheck pushed the puck forward and cycled it well through this portion of the game.

But not everything for the Terriers was a negative. A positive BU can take from this game is its third period. Clearly, BU dominated the final frame — just as its done every game this season. Only stonewall that was goaltender Jon Gillies kept this game from going to overtime.

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