By the Numbers: BU versus Providence (Part I)

The No. 6 Boston University men’s hockey team dominated No. 8/9 Providence College on Friday night in just about every aspect of the game. What started as a back-and-forth contest finished as a one-sided affair.

After BU’s (4-0, 2-0 Hockey East) goal from freshman defenseman John MacLeod at the 11:26 mark in the first period, the Terriers took hold of the game. In this edition of By the Numbers, again we look at BU’s Corsi and Fenwick numbers during non power-play situations. And just like the scoreboard, the Terriers dominated in these categories.

Corsi Full Game 

Corsi For: 59 (Shots on goal, missed shots, blocked shots)

Corsi Against: 32

Corsi For Percentage: 64.8

BU Goals: 4

PC Goals: 1

Corsi First Period

Corsi For: 26

Corsi Against: 15

Corsi For Percentage: 63.4

BU Goals: 1

PC Goals: 1

Corsi Second Period

Corsi For: 17

Corsi Against: 14

Corsi For Percentage: 54.8

BU Goals: 2

PC Goals: 0

Corsi Third Period

Corsi For: 16

Corsi Against: 6

Corsi Percentage: 72.7

BU Goals: 1

PC Goals: 0

Fenwick Full Game

Fenwick For : 52 (Shots on goal, missed shots)

Fenwick Against: 26

Fenwick For Percentage: 66.7

Fenwick First Period

Fenwick For: 23

Fenwick Against: 12

Fenwick For Percentage: 65.7

Fenwick Second Period

Fenwick For: 14

Fenwick Against: 11

Fenwick For Percentage: 56

Fenwick Third Period

Fenwick For: 15

Fenwick Against: 3

Fenwick For Percentage: 83.3


Even if you didn’t get to see this game, these numbers tell the story. BU played a nearly spotless game from start to finish. The Terriers had a sizable advantage in these numbers in every period. What stood out for me was that final period Fenwick of the game. The Friars recorded only recorded three shots on goal throughout the period.

But what is really impressive for the BU defense is how it played in even strength-chances. Providence recorded only one shot on goal in 5-on-5 situations in the final frame. The other two even strength opportunities either missed the net or hit the post.

When you put the puck on net and keep the other team from getting any opportunities, it’s easy to win games. That’s what the Terriers accomplished on Friday night at Schneider Arena.


  1. Question: Where are the (or more likely where is the) Quinn basher(s) from last year; who in true cowardice hid in anonymity? Please come out of your Mother’s basement long enough to acknowledge your complete ineptness as a judge of all things pertaining to hockey, and of individual character. Your silence is deafening.
    P.S. Downing

  2. For that matter where are all the commentators on this blog from last year? Did the bad seasons of late catch up with the bulk of hockey fans? Did the change over to the new site confuse that many? Also the live blog is very small compared to recent years. I don’t know why.