By the Numbers: BU versus Michigan State, Michigan

A highly anticipated weekend for the No. 6 Boston University men’s hockey team culminated in two wins against two Big Ten opponents in Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. The Terriers (3-0, 1-0 Hockey East) had to rely on strong third-period play — and some luck — for the first time this season.

In our third addition of By the Numbers, we look at the Corsi and Fenwick advanced stats for BU’s two-game weekend. I also want to take note that in our first two posts, we focused on the team’s stats in all phases of the game (even strength, power play, penalty kill). In this post, and all of those going forward, I would like to look at BU’s performance in just 5-on-5 situations.

So here’s a closer look at BU’s two wins from the weekend:

Corsi/Fenwick vs. Michigan State (Full Game)

Corsi For: 65 (Shots on goal, missed shots, blocked shots)

Corsi Against: 53

Corsi For Percentage: 55.1

Fenwick For: 51 (Shots on goal, missed shots)

Fenwick Against: 34

Fenwick For Percentage: 60

BU Goals For: 1

MSU Goals For: 0

Corsi/Fenwick First Period

Corsi For: 28

Corsi Against: 12

Corsi For Percentage: 70

Fenwick For: 22

Fenwick Against: 11

Fenwick For Percentage: 66.7

BU Goals For/MSU Goals For: 0

Corsi/Fenwick Second Period

Corsi For: 26

Corsi Against: 16

Corsi For Percentage: 61.9

Fenwick For: 20

Fenwick Against: 9

Fenwick For Percentage: 69

BU Goals For: 1

MSU Goals For: 0

Corsi/Fenwick Third Period

Corsi For: 11

Corsi Against: 25

Corsi For Percentage: 30.6

Fenwick For: 9

Fenwick Against: 14

Fenwick For Percentage: 39.1

BU/MSU Goals For: 0


Corsi/Fenwick vs. Michigan (Full Game)

Corsi For: 53

Corsi Against: 62

Corsi For Percentage: 46.1

Fenwick For: 41

Fenwick Against: 51

Fenwick For Percentage: 44.6

BU Goals For: 3

Michigan Goals For: 2

Corsi/Fenwick First Period

Corsi For: 17

Corsi Against: 11

Corsi Percentage: 60.1

Fenwick For: 14

Fenwick Against: 10

Fenwick For Percentage: 58.3

BU Goals For: 0

Michigan Goals For: 1

Corsi/Fenwick Second Period

Corsi For: 15

Corsi Against: 23

Corsi For Percentage: 39.5

Fenwick For: 11

Fenwick Against: 18

Fenwick For Percentage: 37.9

BU Goals For: 1

Michigan Goals For: 1

Corsi/Fenwick Third Period

Corsi For: 21

Corsi Against: 28

Corsi For Percentage: 42.9

Fenwick For: 16

Fenwick Against: 23

Fenwick For Percentage: 41.0

BU Goals For: 2

Michigan Goals For: 0



Looking at these statistics, BU could’ve easily walked away with a huge win on Friday night against the Spartans. Goaltender Jake Hildebrand was named one of the three stars of the game, and this shows why. BU dominated puck possession for most of the game, but he allowed just one goal. BU coach David Quinn wasn’t pleased with the offensive performance, saying his team missed the net a lot and was too fancy with the puck. Though some of this does hold true, BU should’ve had a better showing on the scoreboard.

Saturday against the Wolverines, though, was a different story. Michigan consistently kept up the pace against BU and gave junior netminder Matt O’Connor a challenge in net. He kept the Terriers in it, allowing two goals, part of the reason he was named Hockey East Defensive Player of the Week. BU’s goals against Michigan all came down low, either on deflections or chances that goaltender Zach Nagelvoort had little chance to save. A win is a win, but according to the numbers, it should’ve been Michigan in the victor’s column.