5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Postgame comments after BU’s win over Michigan”

    • We do wish there were microphones during postgame pressers, since we know it’s tough to hear, especially when my iPhone only unfortunately picks up so much sound. I have to crank up my volume on my laptop when watching the videos, but am able to hear everyone pretty clearly with the volume turned all the way up. Kind of a pain, but I’ll talk to the BU folks and see if there’s any way to maybe get mics during the pressers. Coach Quinn’s a pretty soft-spoken guy, which also makes things a little trickier.

  1. Thanks in advance Sarah! I feel the same way as the previous person (who commented on the sound issue). My hearing is pretty good and it’s all I can do to hear the interview … and still I miss a lot and have to replay it. Coach Quinn might be soft-spoken … but there was the same issue when Parker was coach. Besides, I can’t hear the players either. So, it would be much appreciated if you could get the “BU folks” to help remedy this audibility problem.

  2. Thanks for your effort Sarah. Glenn is correct. I crank up my lap top as high as it can go and still cannot get a great deal of the discussion. It was the same when Jack was coach, as Glenn says, and Jack was anything but soft spoken. It should also be taken into consideration that some of us may hear well but not quite as well as the younger fans. Let’s hope that BU can “mike” the speakers. First rate programs are first rate because they pay attention to detail. Thanks again.

  3. Yea, sound an issue in this season so far. Try to listen t Bernie and company on my computer but volume an issue with me. My computer has good volume but digital broadcast has issues with me. Why they dropped broadcast radio is a question I would like answered. Also no BU fight song at end makes the “radio” show very dull. Very poor production.

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