By the Numbers: BU versus United States U-18

In our second edition of By the Numbers, we take a look at the advanced metrics (Corsi and Fenwick) for the Boston University men’s hockey team’s 6-4 win against the U.S. National Under-18 team last Saturday. For those who are unsure on what exactly these numbers mean or what they stand for, you can refer to our previous post for the Terriers’ game against the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Team USA provided BU arguably its best competition this year, and the numbers and goals scored prove that. The following is a breakdown of the Corsi and Fenwick numbers from the game.

Corsi Full Game

  • Corsi For (Shots on goal, missed shots and blocked shots): 59
  • Corsi Against: 44
  • Corsi For Percentage: 57.3
  • BU Goals For: 6
  • Goals Against: 4

Corsi First Period

  • Corsi For: 16
  • Corsi Against: 15
  • Corsi Percentage: 51.6
  • BU Goals For: 1
  • Goals Against: 1

Corsi Second Period

  • Corsi For: 20
  • Corsi Against: 18
  • Corsi Percentage: 52.6
  • BU Goals For: 3
  • Goals Against: 2

Corsi Third Period

  • Corsi For: 23
  • Corsi Against: 11
  • Corsi Percentage: 67.6
  • BU Goals For: 2
  • Goals Against: 1

Fenwick Full Game

  • Fenwick For: 45 (Shots on goal and missed shots)
  • Fenwick Against: 33
  • Fenwick Percentage: 57.7

Fenwick First Period

  • Fenwick For: 11
  • Fenwick Against: 13
  • Fenwick Percentage: 45.8

Fenwick Second Period

  • Fenwick For: 17
  • Fenwick Against: 12
  • Fenwick Percentage: 58.6

Fenwick Third Period

  • Fenwick For: 17
  • Fenwick: 12
  • Fenwick Percentage: 58.6



BU held an advantage in both Corsi and Fenwick in the final two periods, but not the first. Watching the game in person, this does not come as a surprise. The Terriers held the puck in the offensive zone and generated a lot of good scoring opportunities. Team USA had fewer chances, but did have a number of “Grade-A” shots on goal, especially on its power play.

Though BU scored just twice in the third period, that’s the chunk of time that really sticks out. Head coach David Quinn asked his team to make defensive adjustments heading into the third. Solid defensive zone play led to better transition to the offensive side, meaning more shots for the Terriers. Overall, BU held the advantage in shots and possession, which in the end translated to a victory.

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