Odds and Ends: Day after victory over U.S. Under-18 Team

The Boston University men’s hockey team, in its toughest test of the season yet, came away with a 6-4 win over the U.S. Under-18 National Team on Saturday.

Here are a few links and notes to get you caught up on yesterday’s action:

-Conor provided our recap of the game.

-Andrew discussed the team’s third-period adjustments in his sidebar.

-Some pluses and minuses from the game.

-Postgame comments from Jack Eichel and Danny O’Regan and coach David Quinn.

-Here are some photos from the game from the lovely Maya Devereaux.

-Boston College beat RIT, 6-2, on Saturday.

-UMass-Amherst dealt Michigan State a 4-3 loss on Saturday.

-UNH lost a 2-1 game at Michigan on Saturday.

-Maine fell to Union, 5-2, on Saturday.

-Merrimack beat UConn, 2-1, in an overtime win Saturday.

Tweet of the Day:

Honorable Mention:

-Apparently, there’s a Twitter account called “Did Eichel Score?”


  1. Were there THAT many trolls last year that they were the only ones commenting?? Where is everyone? That was a good game last night, not great but good. USA scored half of these goals on power plays. Quinn has done an AMAZING job picking this program up from the gutter. Imagine, he’s only done one year of recruiting. I see a National title in the VERY near future!!

  2. Nice job by the BU coaching staff to put the OREO line together at the very of the beginning of the season. All three benefit from each other and compliment each other quite well. I know most will not know what I’m talking about, but that line reminds me of the “pinball” line of Wakabayashi, Boily and Gray.


    “Fan Blog” mentions Jacob Forsbacka-Karlsson as a 2015 recruit. He is not mentioned in your list and I have not seen much about him. Can you confirm that he is scheduled to arrive next year and can you give us some info on him?

    Liam Coughlin – there has been some confusion as to whether he is committed to BU. Can you give us some info on that situation?

    Thanks for the blog. Good job.

    • Sarah Kirkpatrick

      There are reports that Forsbacka-Karlsson is indeed committed — just forgot to add him to the list. Thanks for that catch. He’s a 6-foot-1 forward from Stockholm, who had 11 goals and 22 assists in the USHL last year in 60 games for the Omaha Lancers. He’s playing for Omaha this year and is expected to come to BU next year.

      Re: Coughlin, we haven’t heard much either way — but we haven’t heard anything credible suggesting he has decommitted.

  3. As to not many on this bog as in the past I would say this: It may be that the change has confused some. I tried to pick up the past game comments last week and had a hard time getting on even though my browser has it in “memory”. I am not very good with computers and it may have been me but I kept getting an “error” message. Also the past few years have been down times for the team. And too the new sign on format may be keeping people away. Too bad as there was a lively blog here last year. I don’t blog on the live game blog but do call it up and I notice there are not many there as there have been in the past. This may be for the aforementioned reasons.

  4. Unfortunately, the rumors that Liam Coughlin would not be coming to BU proved correct. He will be going to VT as a 21 year old 6’3′ freshman. Some size and maturity would have helped us next year. Let’s see who the coaching staff can bring in to replace him. They’ve been doing so well so far and let’s hope it continues.

  5. As for replacing the “size” that’s lost by Coughlin opting for UVM instead of BU next year, I think that part won’t be much of a problem … with 6’5″ Jordan Greenway coming to Agganis. Of course he’ll be 18 y/o and not 21. We will miss Coughlin but there will be an abundance of high-end talent next season … and plenty of maturity/leadership.

  6. After reading the “Over the Boards” comments, it appears that the Liam Coughlin decomit may be related to BU bringing in Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson.