From the FreeP: Men’s hockey stumbles in transitional season

By Meredith Perri/DFP Staff

Boston University Athletics marketed the 2013-14 season as a “New Era” for BU Athletics.

Along with other changes throughout the department, the university hired a new bench boss for its men’s hockey team for the first time in 40 years. As the new-season excitement wore off and the slogan lost its shimmer, though, it became clear that the first year of this era was going to be a transition.

The season started off well enough for the Terriers (10-21-4, 5-12-3 Hockey East) and first-year head coach David Quinn. In its opening weekend, BU defeated the University of Massachusetts and the College of the Holy Cross at Agganis Arena.

After starting its season with a 3-1 stretch at home, the Terriers took to the road. In what became a trend over the course of the year, however, BU dropped both away games — one against the University of Michigan and the other against Michigan State University. At the time, the bigger issue was that after a tight game against Michigan (18-13-4), the team derailed against Michigan State (11-18-7). The Terriers took a 1-0 lead at the end of the first period, but with five minutes left in the game, gave up three goals in what was ultimately a 3-1 loss.

Quinn showed frustration with his team after the game, calling its performance “youth hockey” and adding that the team should “be ready to practice on Tuesday.” BU took 13 penalties on the weekend and was outshot 77-46.

“Without our goaltending, God knows where we’d be right now,” Quinn said. “They’re allowing us to grow and find our way, win some hockey games in the process.”

5 thoughts on “From the FreeP: Men’s hockey stumbles in transitional season”

  1. Frankly I thought the goaltending was average at best. Too many easy shots went in during some games.I think Parker was not up to par the lat few years and the recruiting showed it. Too bad as he was such a great coach. He could get so much out of his team.
    We will miss your writing and blog mastering, Meredith. Good luck in the future.

  2. Have to agree with the last blogger – the goaltending was spotty although the D was horrible. on this site i have been a huge critic of parker and bavis post 2009. some athletes/coaches don’t know when to give it up because they have lost their edge. not sure if it is pride (Trying to catch york for the most wins), money, fear of a new chapter… but whatever it is parker had long lost his fastball.

    now i know i am dating myself, but as a kid i remember the great Willie Mays batting 188 for the hapless Mets. very sad, indeed
    so as they try to build this statue for him, to me it is bittersweet. it is hard sometimes for me to separate out his overall body of work from the decrepit state he left the program in.

    so i say build it, if you must, but i am so hoping that we, as loyal fans, have more to cheer for on the ice in the upcoming years than jackie’s unveiling.

    last year playing BU was like the old days when jack kelly would call off the dogs when we played northeastern (2013-2014 BU team)

    here’s hoping DQ can untangle the Parker’s rubble

  3. I agree with the above post although I don’t think the goaltending is a major problem. Obviously they aren’t the best two goalies we have ever had but they are more than adequate and should be better with better players in front of them.

  4. The team started the season with a lot of confidence and played well as the glow from a HE tournament final carried over from the previous year. Then things seemed to fall apart as DQ put his mark on the team.

  5. You are delirious, seriously. the glow of being a runner up. yea right. spoken like a true loser

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