From the FreeP: BU adds Albie O’Connell, Scott Young to staff

By Tim Healey/DFP Staff
There will be a pair of new faces on the Boston University men’s hockey bench next year, and, in keeping with tradition, the additions are of a decidedly scarlet-and-white flavor. Former Terriers Albie O’Connell and Scott Young are returning to Commonwealth Avenue as assistant coach and director of hockey operations, respectively, according to BU head coach David Quinn.

O’Connell, a 1999 BU graduate who was part of four Beanpot-winning teams and two Frozen Four squads, captained the team his senior year. He joins the Terriers after three years on the Harvard University bench, with previous Hockey East pit stops at Northeastern University (three seasons) and Merrimack College (one season).

At Harvard, O’Connell worked primarily with the defense and special teams. Though, in Quinn’s words, “as an assistant coach at the collegiate level, you’re a coach second.” O’Connell has built a reputation as an excellent recruiter, and Quinn expects him to excel in that role at BU.

“He has got his tentacles everywhere,” Quinn said.

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12 thoughts on “From the FreeP: BU adds Albie O’Connell, Scott Young to staff”

  1. Yes I love this move. Two more of Parker’s (the man who should have turned over the reigns to DQ in 2009) incompetent lackeys gone. this is the proper way to rebuild a moribund program.

    Build a statue to JP all you want – just get rid of the players and coaches that he had on his watch post 2009

    Give DQ some time, fellas, and we will be back to our rightful perch

  2. Things are definately looking a lot brighter on this end of Comm Ave. Can’t wait for October to get here.

  3. Who was it that said “Scott Young will never be hired,he has no degree!”,looks like you were wrong….

  4. can’t wait to see what the HATERS have to say next season,and the future looks as bright as the sun on a hot summer day!!!Love the moves DQ is making,sooner,rather than later,you won’t be able to get a ticket to any BU hockey games,unless they are on the road.And even that is doubtful,keep going DQ!!

  5. love these changes. i am excited to see the players he lets go. i hope collier and kelly are two of them. like DQ said, “This is everybody’s first taste of hockey where you either get it done or you don’t and you don’t survive. That’s the hard part of the job, that’s the hard part of transition and that’s the hard part of change.

    fish or cut bait time boys, fish or cut bait

    eichel signed letter of intent. wouldn’t it be great if he could stay for 2 years? doubt it

  6. just took a big hit with jeremy bracco going to BC. lost out to miles wood beforehand. not s good sign for new regime

    • oh stop it,and go be a BC FAN,we have one of the best recruiting classes coming in this fall and your already starting with the negative BS!!Do you really think BU can get every great recruit out in the HOCKEY world,it would be nice,we would win a title every year.But it’s unrealistic to expect that,so go join the BC blog and stay away with your negative comments,great things are coming to our end of Comm ave.

  7. Great days ahead for BU I hope. Two good guys. It may take a couple of years but the days of being BC’s Daddy may be over.

  8. Anon at 12:04, already complaining?? If you’re going to be negative, do all of us real fans a favor…..STHU will ya!!

  9. No you shut the hell up. BU wanted that kid bad and he went over to the enemy. Not good, but you are such a pollyanna, you probably wish kurker and cisse were still on the team. get real, pal

    • read what Anon May3,2014 at 9:15 am wrote,I believe it was directed at you,and I couldn’t agree more!!If you dislike the program so much,go join THE BC FAN BASE.BU has won absolutely ZERO championships of any kind since DQ left in 09′,coincidental?I think not.But look at the recruiting,and changes he has done in one year!!!5 years of ineptitude will not be undone in 1 season.I love what QUINN is doing,will do.So please stop your complaining,and jump ship.

    • I am all for DQ. he has a tough task given how established BC is and the garbage parker left him. even parker apologized for the mess he left him.

      i love DQ’s no nonsense approach.i can wait and be patient, but i still don’t like when we lose guys to BC. those guys, bracco and woods, could come back to haunt us. Quinn wants to win championships and if it means cutting guys, then let heads roll

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