Jack Parker named 2014 Hobey Baker Legend of Hockey

By Kevin Dillon/DFP Staff

The accolades keep coming for Jack Parker after his retirement, as he was named 2014 Hobey Baker Legend of Hockey Tuesday.

This award comes less than a month after he was the first coach to receive the Hockey East Founders Medal and less than two months after BU retired his number. Those awards just add to his long list of accomplishments, including three Spencer Penrose Awards (NCAA Div. 1 Coach of the Year), five Hockey East Coach of the Year awards and the NHL’s Lester Patrick Award for outstanding contributions to hockey

Parker will be honored along with this year’s Hobey Baker Award winner at the Hobey Baker Banquet on May 29 in St. Paul, Minn.

15 thoughts on “Jack Parker named 2014 Hobey Baker Legend of Hockey”

    • Are you kidding? Great coach up till four years ago when he went downhill fast. I think health problems had a lot to do with it.

  1. Parker should have retired in 2009. he sat on his laurels and ran the program into the ground. tough hole to dig out of but DQ can do it. I will give JP props for hiring Quinn instead of his son Bavis

    • Bavis really searched all around the Country,Canada,and Europe for recruits,yea right!I’m not even going to look it up,but I think last year’s team had 16 players from Massachusetts,good hockey players in Mass,but not that many.Things are about to change,fast.And Bavis actually thought he deserved the top job,lol….

  2. A well deserved award for our legendary coach. On a different note, how amazing was that Union game tonight??!! They played their hearts out for us. We are indebted to the Dutchmen and wish them luck on Saturday against the Gophers!

  3. Union – Great coaching and especially great recruiting by Bennet and his staff including Jason Tapp, former BU goalie. Just think what they did without a single scholarship. That’s right, Union is a financial aid school with a 2500 capacity rink and they fielded four All Americans.

    • Yes,true,but you don’t think those hockey players are paying tuition,do you?Just like the Ivy league schools,they call it,FINANCIAL AID….BE REAL….

  4. Yale won last year with the same situation. Fact is most kids need aid of some kind as not many have 50-60,000 dollars in their checking. My daughter went to a “little Ivy” with a scholarship for good grades in High School and high SAT’s. She was an all star goalie in high school and the academic scholarship was really athletic.(wink, wink)

  5. Parker “ran the program into the ground”?
    He coached his last game in the Hockey East final!
    That is really running the program into the ground.
    I guess the haters got to hate, even in the face of the facts.

  6. HERE ARE THE FACTS did he win HE Final? NO. did he make to to the ncaa? NO NO did he win the beanpot?NO NO NO did he win the consolation game in the beanpot? NO NO NO NO i guess the deniers need to stay in denial. yorkie calls it trophy season, and as much as that galls me, he is right. when it came to trophy season, Jackie Pa ran the big zilch table. not to mention one frozen four since 1997. hmmm. was that another fact? YES YES YES. What say to those facts, big fella? and don’t give me this crap about what DQ this season did with Jackie’s leftovers. Claude Julien couldn’t have coached those stiffs.

    • Anon April 21,2014 at1:32 pm,what describes DQ?I will tell you,the best coach &recruiter since JP was hired 40 yrs ago.I don’t understand how you haters can judge a guy on one season with not one player recruited by him.And what did JP do the last 4 years?Absolutely nothing,Quinn has great recruits coming in the next few years,let’s judge his coaching abilities after a couple of seasons with HIS STAFF,AND PLAYERS,IT’S obvious you don’t know a thing about building a national championship contender,but obviously people in the HOCKEY world think DQ does,I saw one poll with a pre-season rank of #8 Nationally for BU mens ice HOCKEY……

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