Cason Hohmann undergoes shoulder surgery, should be ready for 2014-15 season

By Kevin Dillon/DFP Staff

Boston University junior forward Cason Hohmann underwent shoulder surgery on Wednesday, March 19 and will be sidelined for the next three to four months, per BU coach David Quinn. Hohmann should be ready by the start of next season.

The surgery was the result of a shoulder injury suffered in a game against the University of North Dakota on Nov. 22, 2013. The center missed five games before returning to action on Jan. 4 against Harvard University.

Hohmann was fifth on the team this season with 19 points, and will be the top returning career point scorer with 61 through his first 104 games.

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, it said that Hohmann’s surgery was on Feb. 19. This was incorrect, as it should have read March 19. It has been corrected and we apologize for the error.


  1. Looking forward to seeing a healthy Hohmann in October. Just curious, are any of the Boston Hockey Blog contributors going to be at the Friends of Hockey banquet on 4/19? If so, it would be nice to meet face-to-face. Let me know.

  2. At least this injury helps to explain why he had such a poor year. I hope he improves when he has Eichel taking all the opposing team’s focus off of him.

  3. you better hope eichel arrives. then there is the gaudreau article in the ny times that he might return. game, set, match if that is the case

  4. the gap between us and them is sickening. it will probably never be bridged. thanks jack and bavo and mr. rip van winkle, buddy powers, for leaving the program in shambles. maybe the ncaa can invent another award to give to both of you. i know let’s call it the Complacency Award. and don’t give me this crap about all that parker won. pahleeeeze. just remember this – one frozen four since 1997. now think about north dakota going to its 20th.

    • North Dakota has been in 20 Frozen Four’s since 1997? That would be quite a feat. How many has BC been to?

  5. Will you be covering the Frozen Four the same way you covered the Beanpot final even though we weren’t playing in it?

  6. 20 frozen fours in its history, you idiot. you people just don’t want to recognize that saint jack screwed up. i am not the troll

    • You bashing the same Jack that landed us Eichel?

    • Really,Jack landed Eichel,??I read an article a few months ago on line that everyone expected him to go to BC,Even his family.But after meeting the NEW coaches(Quinn,Greeley),he said he felt more comfortable at BU….

  7. eichel recruited himself here. he always wanted to play for BU. eichel is one player – a one and done player. a hockey team has 20 players. how about all the other stiffs he recruited that made up last year’s abomination? i am not even going to bother listing the names. everyone wants to put jack on a pedestal… i say, he did great things, but he stayed way too long – 2009, he should have retired. and we are paying the price for his complacency. i like what quinn is doing and i support him and will give him at least 3 years to undo jack’s negligence and ineptitude. just the fact that jack did not have the balls to fire bavis and powers and get some top notch recruiters in represents how he was just going through the motions to collect a pay check

    • Was has DQ done? When 10 games and at the bottom of HE and out of the tournament vs getting to the HE championship game? Give me JP over DQ any time and always.

    • he coached one season with not 1 player that was recruited by him,who did all the recruiting for the 09′ title team?Oh yeah,QUINN.Anyone that knows anything about sports,knows you can’t judge a guy on 1season,or 2.Given time,he will prove all the jealous,envious,judgemental idots who still live with mom and Dad wrong.Sit back and watch sadboy!!!

  8. I hate to question your reporting, but the surgery was on February 19? He played after that date, didn’t he?

    Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I thought he played versus Northeastern.

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