Help send the Boston Hockey Blog to South Bend

To our readers,

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate all of your support over the past three years. You have read innumerable articles and followed dozens of live blogs, and for that we are incredibly grateful. As many of you will remember, in the past we have asked for your help to travel to both St. Paul and Minneapolis to cover the men’s and women’s hockey teams in the NCAA tournament. Both times we received an unanticipated amount of donations that allowed us to cover high-profile games and continue to provide you with constant coverage.

Once again, we are asking for help. The men’s hockey team will take on the University of Notre Dame Saturday at 7 p.m., and for the second time in two weeks, the game will occur in South Bend, Ind. The Daily Free Press is not affiliated or funded by Boston University, so we pay our own way to every away game. Traveling to Notre Dame twice in such a short period of time is challenging enough, but trying to book flights last minute will make this trip even more expensive.

If you can help us in any way possible, we would greatly appreciate it. For those who are interested in donating, please contribute through the PayPal button located at the top right of the blog.

Again, thank you for all of your support this season, and every season. We have truly enjoyed covering the men’s hockey team for you, and we hope we can continue to do so during the Hockey East tournament.

Kevin, Meredith and Tim

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