Snow postpones BU-UNH, Jack Parker ceremony

By Tim Healey/DFP Staff

Due to the incoming snowstorm, Saturday’s Boston University-University of New Hampshire matchup will be played Monday at 4 p.m.

The Jack Parker number retirement ceremony, which had been scheduled for the first intermission of Saturday’s game, will take place when BU hosts Northeastern University Friday, Feb. 28. That is also the last regular-season home game for the Terriers.

15 thoughts on “Snow postpones BU-UNH, Jack Parker ceremony

  1. Are you kidding me? This is just a small “storm”. Are the attendance woes so serious this year that the administration won’t take the chance of an empty arena? I have to work on Monday and my tickets are going to waste. Am I getting a refund? Pathetic!

  2. Like the first poster, I bought tickets for a weekend game. Monday is a work day and unacceptable. How is BU refunding the cost of the tickets? Have they announced a refund policy yet?

  3. We have become a nation of little girls. It is not that bad out. I have gome interstate during weather like this. Good grief!

  4. I bought 10 tickets to this game only because of Parker retirement night. How would I trade these in for the Northeastern game?

  5. I never got notice of the game postponement. I drove in and the roads were fine. It was ok to play at Bentley ten mins away. Come on!!!!

  6. This decision seemed to be driven by the fear that the stands would be empty on a long weekend for Parker night. Guess what – the students have given up on this team and the long time fans who would have come to a weekend game most likely will not be able to make a 4:00 game on a weekday. What genius made this decision?

    • You do realize that there were no HE games being played in Eastern Massachusetts to cancel?

      How dare BU heed the Governor’s request to keep people off the road!

  7. Amazing how we were the only Hockey East school that cancelled a game. The softness of our team is further illustrated by the softness of our athletic department.

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