8 thoughts on “Video: David Quinn, Robbie Baillargeon, Garrett Noonan react to Beanpot loss

  1. I’m shocked at how few fans we had at the Garden last night. It looks like the fans have given up on the team. I will continue to attend all games but I don’t expect many people in our next home game or the consolation game next Monday.

    • I have been an ardent
      BU fan as a student and alumnus for a long time. BU fans do not come out for losing teams or for less than nationally recognized teams. Just look at what happened to football and look at the attendance figures for basketball; and now hockey.

      At the beginning of this year, I sugested that we recognize that BU would not win this year. It was obvious the cupboard was left bare with only a few D 1 players of any note and with no one of All American caliber. A number of recruiting mistakes were made since 2009 (example, Sam Kurker who was just not ready for HE) and the infamous departures have hurt terribly. Think of Andrew Glass, Coyle, Privatera, Nicastro, and few others. We have to pay for that, just as BC paid with the Cedorchuk and Millbury fiascos. BU will, however, come back and it will do so soon with the next two incoming classes. Gerry York started the BC comeback with a terrific player named Marty Reasoner. I think David Quinn can get BU back with the likes of Eichel and a few others. Suffer this year. Be patient. Look forward to next year.

    • Good call Anonymous responder.

      The losing streak has damaged my ability to provide an interesting comparison to Quinn’s first year, that being Jerry York’s first year back at the Heights. His record was 11-22-2, and they got bounced from the Hockey East playoffs by UMass, in the second season that team existed! York had 3 losing seasons to start, which is half of the 6 losing season’s BC had in a row.
      I’m not ready to appoint Quinn the next York or Parker, but I will say that patience is needed.
      Still, Dave, get to win #11, so I can stick it in these idiot trolls’ faces!

    • I second that!!another good post by JD BU93,this guy knows HOCKEY.I don’t think it will take 3 more seasons to be a top 5 team,maybe 2,hoping for less!!!!GO BU HOCKEY….

    • If you read about what Eichel (2014), Greenway (2015) and Keller (2016) are doing for their respective teams, it’s hard not to get excited about what BU Hockey will be like in the next two or three seasons. If only these guys stay two or three years. I think I read Keller (as a sophomore) has 60 points in 39 games for Shattuck Saint Mary’s (the top prep team in the land).

    • Glenn, great players, the ones that can lead a team to the pinnacle, more than likely are only going to stay two years. A few may stay a third year and those will be the ones that have a size issue. There are only a few Gilroys who will stay four years. You cannot blame a great player, such as a Tkachuk or Amonte for leaving after one or two years. The money they can earn can set them up for life.

    • I understand and agree with your points. I’d take two years … especially if we get a nice pipeline of those NHL-First-Round type recruits. I do have a problem with a player staying only one year. To me that makes a charade out of college sports. For instance, I feel that’s what’s ludicrous about the NBA. Either take them right out of high school or make them go for two years. One year is an absolute joke.

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