From the FreeP: Terriers set to take on UMass

By Meredith Perri/DFP Staff

It was the first game of the David Quinn Era – before the injuries, before the winless streak and before the frustrations came to the surface.

Back on Oct. 11, the Boston University men’s hockey team took the ice for the first time in the regular season and faced off against the University of Massachusetts at Agganis Arena. By the end of the game, the Terriers, and Quinn, had their first win behind them.

Just over three months later, that game means little as the Terriers continue to look for a way to right a ship that has been tilting ever since December.

“I don’t think there’s any correlation of what happens in October and what you’re going to see at the game tomorrow night,” Quinn said. “Both teams have grown. I know they have, and obviously we’ve had our struggles.”

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10 thoughts on “From the FreeP: Terriers set to take on UMass”

  1. DQ needs to stop making excuses because it makes him appear weak and gives the team an out for their poor play. Parker would hold the team acceptable and never make excuses regardless of how dire the circumstances.

  2. you are an idiot. these are not excuses; they are facts. not even toe blake or your boy, Yorkie the altar boy, could win with this rag tag group. and it was Parker and his lackey, Bavo, who left DQ this sorry legacy. why don’t you stick with the Eagah website

  3. here is a fact for you – collier, duane, macgregor, ryan kurker, lane, kelly, macafee, moran, lawrence, holmann SUCK. and those that i didf not mention are perhaps above average. the goalies are average too. their best Dman is out for the year. all of these players are Jackie’s (i need to go sailing) boys. give this team to Father York and see what he does. if this team is still this bad in 2 years, then i will agree with everything you have to say. until then, you are DOLT

  4. the insipid one is wrong ONCE again. kelly was a bavis recruit all the way. every guy on this team except Roberto, who they picked up this summer, is part of the parker/bavis regime. i have hope for baillargeon, but i am looking for any glimmer.

  5. Tommy Kelly is a straight out of high school guy. He need a year in the U. Consider this that year. He’ll be fine.
    I expect him to have a good career at BU.

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