From the FreeP: Moccia plays in first regular season contest

By Kevin Dillon/DFP Staff

Before the Boston University men’s hockey team fell to No. 17 University of Vermont 6-2 at Agganis Arena Saturday night, there was already some activity in the news conference room. This press conference was not between the collected media and BU coach David Quinn like it usually is, but instead it was between a youth hockey goaltender and his father.

The son sat tall at the microphone, wearing his team’s jersey and fielding questions from his father who pretended to be a media member. It was a chance for the boy to dream he played goalie for the Terriers, and he smiled wide during each answer he gave his father.

Later in the night, the boy sat in the stands and watched senior goaltender Anthony Moccia finally get his chance to live that dream. The Medford native, who spent a year as a practice goalie, walked on to the team and is now in his third and final season as a third-stringer, got between the pipes in front of 4,948 fans for his first regular-season action.

“It’s kind of always been a huge goal of mine to play in a regular season game and I was able to get in there today,” Moccia said. “I can check that off the list of things that I have to do.”

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14 thoughts on “From the FreeP: Moccia plays in first regular season contest”

  1. This is a lost season anyways. How about letting Moccia play in the Beanpot to make up for DQ snubbing him at Fenway?

  2. I say let him start also. What do we have to lose? O’connor and Maguire have not had great years and it would not be the first time BU went to the third goalie in a non emergency situation.

  3. Unless Moccia is starting Monday night, I’m not wasting my time at the game. I have 4 tickets in the first row (at the glass) in the BU section to the right of the goalie. They are all up for sales unless Quinn announces Moccia as the starter by Saturday,

  4. not sure Sullivan would turn away from NHL money. can you believe that we are even having a discussion about moccia starting? wow how the mighty have fallen

  5. Assistant Coaches in the NHL,make 1/3 of what BU is paying DQ,and all the Haters will be EATING their negative comments starting next season and on…the recruiting has been outstanding,I mean Jack Echel could be the 2nd overall pick,DQ will take BU HOCKEY back to where it was when he left in 09′!!!

  6. i totally agree with that last poster. give DQ and Greely a chance. i am curious that if buddy powers hangs them up, who will they get to replace him. i like pandolpho

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