5 thoughts on “Slideshow: Terriers fall to Vermont in second half of weekend tilt”

  1. Kurker update: he had a four-point night in his most recent game (2 goals, 2 assist) and now has three goals in two games. Wish he were back on the team.

  2. What happened to Maguire and OC? They were studs last year and this year they are duds with basically the same defensemen in front of them. Have opposing teams figured them out?

  3. Anon 8:28 much different level of play where he is compared to Div 1. He should have gone there from the get go and came to BU next year like he was advised.

  4. Anon 12:09 is correct. If Kurker were back in HE this year, he might get one or two goals the rest of the year. He just is not ready for HE. If he plays well where he is, he may get some confidence and be ready to join a college team next year, although I doubt he will have a scholarship offer from a good D1 team. Nonetheless, I wish him well.

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