Sam Kurker added to Indiana Ice roster of USHL

By Kevin Dillon/DFP Staff

Boston University sophomore forward Sam Kurker was added to the roster of the Indiana Ice of the United States Hockey League Sunday.

Kurker’s addition to the Ice’s roster does not necessarily mean he is leaving BU, as it could be a provisional move from the team.

The Reading native has not been in BU’s lineup since Nov. 17, and has only scored one goal in nine games this season. BU coach David Quinn said Kurker has been sick since before the Terriers’ game against Cornell University on Nov. 30.

49 thoughts on “Sam Kurker added to Indiana Ice roster of USHL”

  1. We all saw this coming. DQ is not someone the team wants in charge and the way he “coaches” and handles the lineup is pathetic.

    • FACTS don’t lie so let me give them to you here in black and white.
      The last 4 years Quinn was with BU vs the last 4 years he was not (I did not include the first year because it would make the comparison uneven, but fyi, they went 24-14-4 that year)
      2005-09 WITH Quinn 103-50-20
      2010-2013 WITHOUT Quinn 82-60-14
      BU they play more games, they win more games, they have better players and Oh yeah, they win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP his final year which translates to the 09 national team was made up of ALL Quinn recruits!!
      Prior to BU he had a 115-94-7 record in the AHL, coaching that team to its first ever play offs. Prior to that, he coached the US National Developmental team to a 35-26-8 record and won Developmental Coach of The Year and prior to THAT year he was selected to be the top assistant at UNO, and start the program from scratch. He is a proven winner, and that is a FACT!

    • So you’re claiming that DQ actually coached these players to a national championship? I thought I saw Parker listed as the coach of that team. Best scenario would be to demote DQ to a recruiter and hire a real coach with skills to lead the team.

  2. Is Holmann “sick” like Kurker too? What about Maguire? Moran has been “sick” for a while too. A lot of players seem to get “sick” with DQ leading the team to loss after loss.

  3. Why are any of you blaming David Quinn for Sam Kurker going to the Indiana Ice. Do any of you realize that Kurker has had every opportunity to earn a spot as a regular. Jack played him in about 35 games last year as a highly recruited power forward. David Quinn played him in 9 games this year. Kurker had 3 goals last year and one this year. If I am not mistaken, Kurker was not scheduled to come to BU until this year, but insisted on coming last year. He just isn’t ready to play D 1 hockey and maybe some time with the Indiana Ice will do him some good. Good luck to him whether he comes back to BU or ends up elsewhere.

  4. Were any of our current recruits former teammates and/or friends with Kurker? He might give them insight about DQ and the current status of the hockey program that would cause them to decommit.

  5. Why does DQ whine about lack of size? BC won multiple national championships recently with a small (and young) team. It’s the poor coaching that’s our issue.

  6. I do not think he can come back to BU this year. Provisional (for a time) to the Indiana Ice? I think they mean for the rest of the year. What is the NCAA regulation on this? How can he maintain his school standing and come back? What did Jack do to this program? Why does someone not value an education that costs almost $200,000? I don’t understand any of this.

    • Is is all on DQ. Parker kept him here. DQ drove him out. Kurker is a high draft pick and would have blossomed with a real coach.

    • Really. Jack did keep Kurker here. And in 35 games what did Kurker do; three goals. Quinn played Kurker in 9 games this year; one goal. Maybe Kurker needs some time to mature into the power forward everyone including NHL scouts thought he would be. He just is not a scoring power forward now and if he played all year again in HE he probably would have another 3 goal year which would not help him or BU. If he can gain some confidence playing for the Indiana Ice and then come back or move on, he may do all right. Good luck to him.

  7. We better be bringing in some players now!!! If we can not beat Merrimack and Bentley at home who will we beat?. Half of our team would not make Bentley

  8. Can this blog block the pain in butt loser who just Comes on to piss people off!! Leave your name at least or u ain’t man enough every week same bs… get a life or play with your dolls … I sit 120 row 1 big roy if any questions !!!!for the rest of bu fans who actually know hockey keep the faith it was excepted … go bu!! Roy

  9. Isn’t he sickening?? so what’s hilarious is he posts and comments on his own post and ask questions and post about his own questions. you’re right big Roy wait and see

  10. Why make a big deal about Sam Kurker possibly leaving the team? I have been following BU hockey through good years and bad years (more than 45 of them). Many players have left for the NHL or other reasons (disciplinary). The players come and go. BU and BU hockey remains.

    The Terriers have had losing campaigns in 79,80,87,88,98,00,and 03 all under Jack Parker. It happens.

    • There you go with your crazy logic. Look, though 7 seasons, which represent 17% of Parker’s seasons, were aberrations, as was their inability to get by Merrimack in 1998 with eventual Hobey Baker winner Chris Drury. Do you really think Kurker’s departure is the same as Alexandre Legault leaving BU in the middle of the 1991-92 season, which ended in the NCAA championship game, or Mike Polmicher leaving before the championship 1994-95 season?

      Look, we’ve given Quinn a half season, and he has yet to win us a Beanpot. ‘Nuf said.

      Glad to see you log in. Someday…

    • DQ has gotten half a season and he can’t get to a .500 record with a team that made it to the HE championship game last year. That says a lot about his inability to coach.

    • So JP had a few losing season while DQ has 100% losing seasons so far yet somehow JP’s few losing season is suppose to excuse DQ’s incompetence as a coach? LOL

  11. Kruker shold leave and take Grizz with him. Our defense will improve dramatically without Grizz and his -1 per game pace. A traffic cone plays better defense than Grizz.

  12. Kurker has been very sick, most probably since the start of the season…diagnosed with a serious illness…too brave to give in to it when he should have. It got worse as the season progressed and he finally succumbed to it. These are the true facts.

  13. When will DQ blame himself for the team being outplayed in just about every game instead of blaming youth, size, weather, moon phase, etc?

  14. For those looking for cheap tickets, Sports Etc is giving away a pair of BU tix with any purchase. I picked up a pair of tix by grabbing something out of the clearance bin for 50 cents.

  15. For all of you defending Parker: in BU alum Mike Felgar’s show today, he confirmed that the Boston Globe story that exposed the BU hockey team’s sex scandal was the reason why Parker is no longer at BU.

    • So Parker handed DQ the second best freshman class in Hockey East and he’s done nothing with it. I’m not surprised.

  16. Two other HE schools bring players in for the second half. We are short players and we do nothing I think that shows who wants to win.

  17. USCHO reported that a male hockey player sexually assaulted a female hockey player? Were members of the BU hockey teams involved?

  18. DQ is praying that “his” players do terrible at the World Juniors otherwise his total inability to coach players and the team will be completely exposed.

  19. Actually, it’s the complete opposite…it would show when matched with kids who have actual talent, they tend to skate “up” to that level

    • They seemed to do fine with Parker coaching the team of “talentless players” who made it all the way to a HE championship game. Only under incompetent DQ do they look useless and unable to play better than 5 year olds playing pond hockey.

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