3 thoughts on “Video: Reactions from BU’s tie with Merrimack at Agganis Arena

  1. We get annihilated by BC not we lose 3 of 4 points to a poor team coached by a former BC player. Coach Parker would never have let this happen but it seems like this will happen over and over again with DQ in charge.

  2. Some ties feel like a win but this one feels like a loss. How do we only get one point from the worse team in the league? Are we the new worse team in the league?

  3. Possibly. You have to be patient. We got unexpected points from pc and Wisconsin, so it evens out. Quinn needs time to get his own recruits in. It’s difficult to walk into a team that has such little talent as a whole. This team just doesn’t finish out plays, not a coaching error, but lack of talent, pure and simple. And even the great Parker couldn’t do it either. Probably why hee retired. Saw the so called talent coming in and decided it was time to get out. Lol

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