From the FreeP: Penalties wear on Terriers in loss to Spartans

By Tim Healey/DFP Staff

An unhappy David Quinn was blunt Saturday night following a 3–1 loss to Michigan State University, in which the No. 13/14 Boston University men’s hockey team took seven penalties to put its weekend total at 13.

“It’s just ridiculous,” Quinn said. “You can’t do it. We keep talking about it. I’ve benched guys, but obviously there have to be more drastic results.”

Quinn took issue with a number of aspects of his team’s poor play — faceoffs and puck possession among them — but the frequency of the Terriers’ two-minute infractions was near the top of the list. BU was also penalized six times in a 2–1 loss to No. 4 University of Michigan Friday night, and Quinn expressed a similar sentiment after that blown third-period lead.

He guaranteed change.

“We’re young, and we’re going to learn,” Quinn said Friday, referencing a lineup featuring eight freshmen. “We’re not going to be taking these penalties … in a short period of time.”

Not short enough, however.

3 thoughts on “From the FreeP: Penalties wear on Terriers in loss to Spartans”

  1. I thought DQ was suppose to be a whiz in working with defensemen? It looks like Grizlyck has complete regressed under his “coaching”.

  2. He’s not “supposed” to be a whiz w/ defensemen….he has been proven to be. Why are all coaches, from NFL God Bill Belichick all the way down, given a grace period to make the team their own, but “supposed” BU fans are ready to fire DQ after 1 month? He is working with a very shallow talent pool. Everyone is starting from scratch here, so cut him and the players some slack. He inherited this team from Parker/Bavis, and the veteran players are also getting used to an entirely new system of coaching and practicing. Patience is a virtue and I’m confident we will be rewarded!

  3. Its not everyone that is bashing DQ it’s the same 1 or 2 nitwits that A) know nothing about hockey B) obviously have some agenda and C) feel slighted that their family member or close friend was not hired for the job. It’s crystal clear since when they win, those same nitwits have ZERO to say.

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