Alexx, Jarrid Privitera issue statements following departure, decommitment from BU hockey

By Tim Healey/DFP Staff

Following the news that Alexx and Jarrid Privitera are no longer affiliated with the Boston University men’s hockey team, both brothers issued statements to The Daily Free Press Tuesday night expressing their best wishes toward the team.

“I have great respect for coach [Jack] Parker, coach [David] Quinn and the BU hockey program,” wrote Alexx, who has been taking summer classes on campus following the conclusion of his sophomore year. “I wish them nothing but success in the future.”

Jarrid, a forward who spent the 2012-13 season with the Dubuque Fighting Saints of the USHL, expressed a similar sentiment after decommitting. He had been scheduled to arrive at BU in the fall of 2013 or ’14.

“Let’s just say [decommitting] was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make,” the younger Privitera wrote. “I wish the BU hockey program the best of luck in the future.”

According to Jarrid, the decision for Alexx to leave the program was indeed in the hands of the defenseman himself.

“[Leaving] was also tough on him, but it was his decision,” Jarrid wrote.

Alexx missed the final 13 games of his sophomore campaign after being suspended in mid-February for the rest of the 2012-13 season, and had since been the subject of much speculation about whether or not he would return.

6 thoughts on “Alexx, Jarrid Privitera issue statements following departure, decommitment from BU hockey”

  1. Glad Alexx is gone. Undisciplined, me first players are what BU needs to stay away from. He was part of the problem and not part of the solution. This is addition by subtraction. Don’t know enough about the younger one, but if he’s as selfish as big brother, good to see him go to. This is good news. Wipe the slate clean.

    • So you want the other “undisciplined” players like Grzelcyk, Hohmann, O’regan, and Maguire to be given the Jack Parker boot too?

  2. Privitera cost BU an NCAA bid with idiotic penalties vs. Harvard and Northeastern. Enough said. Good riddance.

  3. Interesting that fairweather BU fans considered Privitera to be awesome when he was on the team but a bum after he left. So typical…

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