Updated: Bobo Carpenter, son of former NHL All-Star Bobby Carpenter, commits to BU

By Kevin Dillon/DFP Staff

New Boston University coach David Quinn has added some scoring to the future, as forward Bobo Carpenter — son of former NHL all-star Bobby Carpenter — committed to BU Friday. The 16-year-old North Reading resident could come to BU as early as 2015.

Carpenter was second on his team in scoring as a sophomore last season, recording 16 goals and 14 assists in 24 games with Austin Preparatory School. He had his best game on Feb. 21 when he scored four goals in a 9-0 win over Falmouth high school.

“He is a coach’s dream,” said Austin Prep hockey coach Lou Finocchiaro, adding that Carpenter will be a captain as a junior next season. “His work ethic is phenomenal. His positiveness on the ice, off the ice, in the locker room is impeccable … He is a phenomenal hockey player.

“[Quinn] is going to be extremely, extremely happy with his choice of Bobo Carpenter when it is all said and done. I think he has got a diamond in the rough.”

According to Finocchiaro, who is a former Merrimack College assistant coach, Boston College, Providence College and the University of New Hampshire all showed interest in Carpenter.

Bobo’s father Bobby made history as the first U.S. citizen to jump directly to the NHL from high school. He spent 18 seasons in the NHL, including four with the Boston Bruins, and scored 320 career goals. Bobo’s sister, Alex, is an All-American at Boston College and led Hockey East in scoring as a sophomore in 2012-13.

Carpenter is the second player to commit to BU after Jack Parker retired, following forward Nick Roberto’s decision last month to come to BU this fall.

11 thoughts on “Updated: Bobo Carpenter, son of former NHL All-Star Bobby Carpenter, commits to BU”

  1. I think Quinn will make BU the best hockey program in the country in about three years.This type of recruiting is what is needed for the program. Can not wait for the start of this seaon.

    • DQ was so pathetic that Colorado couldn’t wait to fire him. Why would this failure suddenly be great in the college ranks when he’s already proven he can’t coach?

    • IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!! EVERY MAJOR hockey magazine & papers-i.e.-THE HOCKEY NEWS had Quinn ranked as one of the best up &comming NHL coaches, ‘a sure head coach’was just one of many qoutes I had read.& he was an assistant at Colorado-head coaches make decisions-assistant coaches make suggestions.I find it very hard to believe that the powers that be at BU, would hire a ‘pathetic’ coach….You want some proof-look at the hardware BU won while he was in charge of recruiting from 04′-09′, a National Championship is not good enough for you?? I think you will be eating your words of criticism.He hasn’t even coached a practice yet….but as before-recruiting is looking very good.

    • Quinn didn’t get fired moron-he left to take the BU job, which any D-1 coach in the country would have taken if they had the chance-the ONLY exception would be BC

  2. I think the key is going to be recruit and then RETAIN good players. We’ve had too many guys leave early in recent seasons. We’ve lacked continuity, and that has hurt our performance. If you look at our 2009 national championship team (and most teams that go far) you’ll find a strong group of upper classmen, usually a strong group of seniors. I am hopeful that new leadership will enhance the continuity of the roster.

  3. If you want to win national championships, you are going to have to recruit players who do not intend to stay 4 years. Times have changed since 1978. Think of Amonte and Keith T. (never could spell his last name.)

    It would be nice to have the best players stay 4 years but who can blame them for leaving with so much money at stake. That is today’s hockey world — Basketball and football too.

    So don’t be naive. Hope that DQ recruits a few players so good they have to leave after 2 or 3 years. That is the only way you are going to compete on a national level. Think!

    • Why do you use the profile “Bobo”? Why not climb back into your hole at whatever school you went to and probably could not graduate from. FYI, Ray Bourque’s son was Chris Bourque and he was the MVP of the Beanpot before he turned pro.

    • “Ray Bourque’s son was Chris Bourque…”


      Did Ray disavow him after he failed out of BU?

  4. Bobo didn’t graduate from high school -never mind college!!! Anyone with a name like Bobo -Was lucky to get out of grade school!!!! LOL

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