Last call: October Mailbag questions

We haven’t had a ton of questions submitted for our October Mailbag, but we are indeed going to have one for you this week.

If you haven’t yet sent your question — in a blog post comment, to [email protected] or @BOShockeyblog — please hurry because, well, there are about five hours of October left.

You can find more details here, but if you have any comments or concerns feel free to reach out.

We hope to answer your questions during our travels to Grand Forks, N.D., on Friday.

1 thought on “Last call: October Mailbag questions”

  1. When BU visits another high profile hockey school, such as North Dakota this weekend, is BU compensated (air fare, lodging, food, other monies) by the host school in any way for coming to play? And vice versa, does BU compensate the likes of Michigan, Denver, Minnesota to come play at Agganis?

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