Wanted: Questions for the October Mailbag

In an effort to interact more with you guys, our readers, we here at The Boston Hockey Blog are looking to pick up a feature we started last fall but lost track of as the season went on: monthly mailbags.

We enjoyed these posts a lot last year, so we’re hoping for much of the same this time around. The fun part is that you guys get to dictate where you want the mailbag to go.
Have a question about BU men’s hockey that we don’t typically get to? How about BU athletics or Hockey East on the whole? Or have you ever wondered how the coaches’ room smells after Parker meets with his leadership council immediately after practice? We encourage any and all questions, and if we don’t know the answer we will certainly look into it for you.
You need not attach a name or any identifying information to your question, though that is definitely welcomed. And if you would rather we not publish anything in particular, feel free to mention that.

You can submit questions in a variety of ways. The easiest is simply leaving a comment on this post, but you can also drop a line via email at [email protected] or find us on twitter @BOShockeyblog. If you’re interested in submitting a question, we request you do so by Sunday night.
We look forward to answering your questions! Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Wanted: Questions for the October Mailbag”

  1. Alays wondered what the team eats when they are going on a road game. Do they eat together before leaving of or they on their own as far as a pre game meal. Thanx.

  2. I wanted to know if anyone on the team’s family is affected by Autism, being that this charity is such a focus for the BU hockey team.

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