From the Freep: Trivino pleads guilty to assault and battery, trespassing

By: Emily Overholt

Former Boston University hockey forward Corey Trivino pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and battery and one count of trespassing Tuesday morning at Brighton District Court.

He was sentenced to two years of probation under the condition he remains alcohol free, attends weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, submits to random urine tests, has no contact with the victim and undergoes a psychiatric evaluation.

These charges come from Trivino’s Dec. 11 arrest. Originally he was charged with assault with intent to rape, three counts of indecent assault battery and two counts of breaking and entering.

The two counts of assault and battery he was charged with were reduced from indecent assault and battery and the trespassing charge was reduced from breaking and entering.

Assistant District Attorney Gloriann Moroney of Conley’s Family Protection and Sexual Assault Bureau said the plea bargain was recommended because the victim did not want to go through the trauma of trial.


3 thoughts on “From the Freep: Trivino pleads guilty to assault and battery, trespassing”

  1. So what does everyone think of this? Did the punishment fit the crime or did he deserve more? Looks like Trivino got lucky but not as lucky as Mad Max. The poll on indicated many of the readers (probably all BC trolls!) believe Trivino should have been punished more severely.

    This girl was clearly very traumatized by this experience. Almost too much IMO but who knows what happened and it’s tough to put yourself in her shoes.

    It is interesting that one of the articles on said that the victim basically signed off on this punishment for Trivino and that is why the prosecutors were also ok with it, otherwise they would have pursued more. Also interesting that the victim “did not want to go through the trauma of trial”.

    Some people might want to read that last little quote again.

    Based on various reports over the last 5 years, I think the BU hockey team has a drinking problem and Parker needs to ban drinking.

    • Lots of uninformed opinions looking for a crime. Perhaps he was just being a dumb drunk that was being obnoxious to his RA who wanted him and the others in the room to quiet down for the upteenth time during the semester.

      I could make an equally uninformed speculation that if she felt threatend by Trivino she wouldn’t have willingly let him come in her room three times during this incident…..

      Just saying…..none of us posters know the actual facts so I’m going with the fact that a DA would hammer a high profile male athlete if the facts would allow him to do so because that is good for a DA’s career.

  2. It is a shame that women in Boston can not feel safe from these nutcakes. As a long time BU fan I expect more from our hockey players. Any NHL team should feel shame at signing this guy.

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