From the Freep: Parker conducting own investigation into team’s behavior

Corey Trivino Amanda Swinheart/DFP Staff

By Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

Like many hockey teams, the Boston University men’s hockey team has had issues in the past with individual discipline off the ice, but the 2011-12 season featured two extreme cases of misbehaving players.

Forward Corey Trivino and defenseman Max Nicastro were both arrested within 10 weeks of each other for separate cases of alleged sexual assault on campus. Trivino had the most serious charge against him, assault with intent to rape, dropped in a March 22 court date. He still faces six other charges – three counts of indecent assault and battery and three counts of breaking and entering – and pled not guilty to all of them. Trivino is scheduled to appear in court again April 27.

Nicastro is still facing two charges of rape and also pled not guilty to all charges. His next scheduled court date is May 7.

BU coach Jack Parker said that although each case appears to be an isolated incident, the team is operating under the assumption that the two arrests in one season were not a coincidence.

“We are not considering what happened this year as just a bad situation and coincidence,” Parker said. “We are considering it as something we should look at and make sure and hope that it’s a coincidence that we had two [arrests].

“We’ll look at everything we have to do to cover the correct pages and make sure that these kids handle their situation as a BU hockey player differently than they’re handling it. Or maybe they should handle it exactly the same, and this is an aberration. I know one thing for sure: This is not a BU hockey problem. This is not our culture, but I do believe drinking and rape charges and sexual assault and bad behavior permeates our society.”

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