Chiasson signs three-year deal with Dallas Stars

By Kevin Dillon/DFP Staff

Boston University men’s hockey junior assistant captain Alex Chiasson agreed to terms with the Dallas Stars of the National Hockey League on a three-year entry-level contract on Monday, ending his hockey career at BU.

The professional contract ends a successful career with the Terriers for the 6-foot-3 forward, who totaled 99 points in 108 games played. The Stars’ former-second-round draft choice said he made his decision on Monday after a meeting with BU coach Jack Parker.

“We had a good conversation and afterwards I cleared up my mind and made sure it was the right decision for me that I was ready to leave and go on for a new challenge and a new experience,” Chiasson said. “[Parker] thought if in my heart that’s what I wanted to do then he was going to support me through it.”


Full transcript of Chiasson interview after the jump.

On when he made his decision:

I took my decision [Monday] actually. I had a meeting with coach [Monday] afternoon. We had a good conversation and afterwards I cleared up my mind and made sure it was the right decision for me that I was ready to leave and go on for a new challenge and a new experience.

On what Parker thought of Chiasson leaving early:

I mean coach is really supportive. We had a good discussion and he wanted the best for me. He thought if in my heart that’s what I wanted to do then he was going to support me through it. Obviously I have learned a lot and I think I’ve grown up as a player and as a person under his charge. I thought that he needed to be the first guy that I wanted to share my thoughts with and that’s what I did. I think he deserved to know first what my decision was going to be and I wanted to see what he thought and what could be the best for me and he was really supportive. I can’t say enough about him how I grew as a player and as a person and I learned so much about myself. It was a good conversation, he was really supportive and like I said he was happy for me and I’m sure I will get to see him again down the road for sure.

On his experience at BU:

The last three years have flown by. It was hard for me to make a decision because I have made some great friends here and I have met some awesome people and it was definitely a great experience to know it’s probably the best three years I’ve had so far. So that was great. I really love the school, love the city, my parents are here pretty much every weekend and it was a good experience not just for me but for my family. I think we appreciate what BU gave to me and I’m almost done with my degree and it was something really important for me and my family that even though I leave I have to come back during the summer and finish my economics degree. You never know what is going to happen with hockey and sometimes you kind of need – you’re not going to play hockey for 30 or 40 years so I think there is always something to rely on and like I said, BU was the best thing, for me, to happen. I learned so much about life and it was more than hockey really, I grew up as a person and learned how to be on my own and live away from home. I can’t say enough about this school and the opportunity it gave me as a player and as a person.

On why he chose college hockey over the QMJHL:

I think for me it was the best thing to do. I thought, I was a tall guy and if you look over my three years I think my progression was great. I learned my freshman year and my sophomore year and even this year I learned a lot. I think after this year and looking back, it was the best decision. I’m not saying that major junior is not the right way to go but for myself I think it was definitely what I needed to do and obviously it paid off. Without coming here I probably wouldn’t be where I wanted to be, next year or in the future and that’s something that I’m going to really look down to and I’m going to be really proud of that. If there’s anything I could tell anyone, it’s that college hockey and coming to BU was definitely the best experience that you could ever have.

On his plan for the rest of the year with the Stars:

I’m going to go with the Texas Stars. Probably finish their season. They are out of the playoffs so there’s about eight or nine games left. So I’m going to finish there, train, get my feet wet, get rolling and try to see where I fit in professional hockey and see how that works. I think it’s going to be good for me to see where I’m at personally and what I need to work on this summer and obviously my goal next year is to make a good impression at camp and try to go in the Stars right away. You never know, you can’t read the crystal ball and see what’s going to happen. I like where I’m at. I like what I’ve learned here in my three years, so we’ll see what happens. I’m excited for a new challenge and it should be a good experience.

17 thoughts on “Chiasson signs three-year deal with Dallas Stars”

  1. Congratulation to Alex. While I am sorry to see him leave early, I am very happy he will earn his degree and that he is leaving with such good feelings for his experience at BU. It is a nice counterpoint to some of the less positive stories that we’ve heard this season.

  2. I’m very dusappointed What a traitor. We really need him next year because no one left or coming on can score. I’m very disappointed.

  3. One more congratulations to Alex and a heartfelt note. You are on the right track and we are happy that you will get your degree in economics. Good luck in the next phase of your hockey life. We will follow you with the same BU hockey passion that we followed so many other BU players. Come back to BU from time to time.

  4. Chiasson was a great Terrier. He will do well in the NHL. Nice to hear someone actually appreciate the great privilege to receive a scholarship to study and play ice hockey at BU. Wish he were coming back.

  5. Hey dissapointed. How in all hell can you call Alex a traitor. What is the matter with your brain! Alex is near graduation. He gave BU three excellent years. If he thinks he is ready for the next step, he should do what he has to do to further his future career.

    He will have both a degree in economics and a professional career, hopefully on the NHL level sometime soon.

    If you want BU back in the National Championship hunt, stop the rediculous complaining and understand that the players that will get BU there are players that are so good that staying 4 years is highly unlikey.

    • We’re in the Frozen Four – we are the BU Eagles or the Boston College Terriers.

      All is well. Let’s keep Parker forever.

  6. We’ll certainly miss his talent, but I wish him the best of luck as long as he’s not playing the Bruins. 🙂 No hard feelings here; he didn’t leave in mid-season or bail at the first sign of adversity, and he gave the Terriers some excellent play.

  7. That fine Alex, go ahead and leave. We don’t need you because we have far better players coming in. While you’re at it, could you take Noonan and Clendening with you? We need defenseman who can actually play defense.

    • Noonan and clendening are two of the best defensemen in not only the hockey east but the country as well. We will still have Nieto and Megan to score as well as Gill and Rodrigues who showed a lot of potential. Commenters that are “disappointed” are selfish because they think that BU will not be as good when in reality you are jealous that you never had the chance to make such a tremendous decision with an incredible oppurtunity riding on it.

    • This team was able to keep things together with all the issues they had to deal with and put a good record up as well as make it to the NCAA tourney. Much credit should go to them and the staff. Blow them up? You are a real jerk! Why don’t you put on a pair of skates (if you can) and get out there with them? You putz!

  8. He game us his all. That is what we need in a BU Hockey player. If he is that close to a degree he must have been a serious student. We need more of these type of students at BU. It would seem only BC keeps players for four years. Is the academic load so easy that they finish so early and in one case get a Masters also (In four)? I think the look into the hockey program this summer should be a good look, also, into the work load. It seem these kids have a lot of free time. I took a full load, worked part time, and played two sports. I did not have any free time to drink and chase girls. ( I did chase girls on the weekend however!) Two or three others will go and there will be a new team next year. We must get some older foreign players who want a degree and can be good. Why have we had no one from Europe for so long? There has to be a large pool of kids that want a free education and can play good hockey. Do Bavis and Powers have any idea along these lines? I doubt it. Jack, you are a great guy, GET A RECRUITER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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