From the Freep: Terriers prove heart not measured in trophies

By Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

ST. PAUL, Minn. — After the No. 8/10 Boston University men’s hockey team saw its season end in a 7-3 loss to the No. 6 University of Minnesota, junior assistant captain Alex Chiasson did not want to talk about the number of penalties BU took in the game or the turnovers the Terriers made. After all, he said, it did not really matter at that point. BU will not play another game this season, and it will not have a chance to fix its mistakes.

Instead, Chiasson opened up about his teammates, about the trials the Terriers went through during the 2011-12 season, about the adversity BU faced all year but refused to ever use as an excuse for poor play. Chiasson spoke about how for this Terrier squad, the season was more about the soul of the team than the actual results on the ice.

“Right now, it doesn’t matter what hockey means,” Chiasson said. “It’s about becoming a team and how guys grew up and how guys became leaders, how many character guys we had in this locker room. That’s what you have to look at.”


14 thoughts on “From the Freep: Terriers prove heart not measured in trophies”

  1. As a BC guy, it pained me to watch your program endure the collective misery on account of a few morons. Parker is a legend and deserves more.

    When both programs are at their best, there is no feeling that can match the thrill of watching two legends coach.

    Best of luck next year. Let’s keep the epicenter of College Hockey on Comm Ave!

    -A friendly rival

  2. If this Terrier team competed in the Hunger Games, they would have laid down before making it into the arena.

  3. First Minny goal was all Clendening’s fault. He put it into his own net. He must have wanted the season to end so he could leave.

  4. Court all should get booted from the team for his stupid and cheap play. He cost us the game. He had more penalty minutes than minutes on the ice.

  5. Too many dumb penalties on the ice and too much nonsense off the ice – that’s the summary of this sorry season!

  6. I have watched this BU hockey for many many years and there is no question that along with the lack of off ice discipline the recruiting has fallen way off. Having watched most of the games on TV this year in the NCAA’s our talent is the most lacking. The off ice problems have been going on for years and it blew up this years. Some of us saw it coming. It is so sad to have our one real sports team on the national level go in the opposite direction from BC. BC had these same problems in the 80’s but they are what BU was in the 60, 70, and 90’s. Great off ice, on ice discipline and outstanding players. Our two recruits this year were far from impact players at the end of the year. Yet BC and Minnesota,s new guys have become outstanding. We will have mass defections this year if my people are right and I fear that next year could be a disaster. Parker is a great coach when he has the players but he has not had them except for the ’09 season. He refuses to get a new recruiter as he think he can get small slow forwards and make great players out of them. The players recruited these past year look great on paper if they come. Will they come? That is the question. We need one or two older Canadians or Finns on this team to make it more mature. I doublt this will happen. Bavis was a great player but can not recruit. Parker does not see this.” Forest for the Trees” if you know what I mean. It is so sad to see this happen to this program as they have a great university, great radio people and a great blog (thank you Arielle for this year) All we can do is hope for the best GO BU!

  7. I reiterate, you all suck. You know nothing about hockey and heart. If they had no heart they would’ve rolled over long ago. Get off these comment threads. I feel dumber being subjected to your idiotic points of view.

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