5 thoughts on “Travis Roy speaks at Beanpot luncheon”

  1. Travis is such an inspirational person not only because of how he triumphed after his accident but of how, before those 11 seconds, he set goals and worked hard to achieve them. Every young hockey player growing up today should know the Travis Roy story of how he reached his goal of playing division I hockey, no matter how long it lasted!

    • Anonymous #3 that was a much more diplomatic answer than I would’ve given to #2. I interpreted #2’s question as an insensitive jab at why Travis spoke at the luncheon (kinda like “why is he speaking when he’s never played in the Beanpot?”).

      I hope #2 was sincere in asking that question. I’m a bit jaded given all the “internet tough guys” that inundate this blog (including some BU “fans”) looking to throw Coach Parker and BU hockey as a whole under the bus.

    • I was giving anonymous #2 the benefit of the doubt in hopes that no one in their right mind could be so insensitive and heartless.

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