BU @ Notre Dame: Jack Parker postgame press conference

Overall thoughts:
I was very disappointed in how we played. I don’t think we played well mentally at all and I don’t think we played well emotionally. We just weren’t there. I thought it was the worst night in a long time that our four defensemen had, we gave up jumps and opportunities. We weren’t doing anything in general, it was a team that wasn’t thorough enough, it wasn’t emotional. We had no intensity at all, until we were down 3-1. Then we started playing a little bit better, but the first three goals we gave them in the second period were just real bad plays. Turnovers or bad plays or bad reads – they didn’t have to work too hard for their goals.

On what changed in the second period from the first period:

I don’t think we held them off. I think they had the puck in our zone a lot in the first period. I think the difference was we stood around watching a little more and we turned pucks over. We didn’t turn the pucks over in center ice like we did in the second period, but we gave them three unbelievable opportunities in the second period, that we didn’t give them in the first. They had the puck a lot in our zone but they didn’t get a lot of shots. The other aspect was that we got exhausted killing penalties. They did a good job possessing the puck in the zone and we were killing penalties, and they went 2 for 9 and I thought they could have a bit more.

On the new-look offense:
I didn’t like it. We only got two goals. I didn’t think we were sharp on the offensive end of the game. I think it was, I’m not sure if it was because we had guys out of position a little bit, but guys just didn’t come ready to play, the type of game we had. I thought that our third line was our best line. Hohmann, Rodrigues and Courtnall played extremely well for the most part. I thought everybody else struggled.

On Gill and Megan at center:

I thought they were okay. I don’t think it was the center spot, I don’t think either one of them…they got that nice shot and a goal but I don’t think either one of those lines played very well.

On finding openings:
I thought we turned the puck over too many times and sometimes [Notre Dame] made a nice play with their stick, but most of the time we had a pass to make and we tried to make a hard pass, and we hit them. I thought we were anxious, we were in a rush, you know, you say you want to be quick but not in a hurry. We were in a hurry at times tonight, trying to dump the puck, make a pass that wasn’t quite there yet, and I think that showed. But overall I think the game got out of hand territorially in the third period with all the penalties we had. If you look at the first two periods, the game wasn’t that different, except on the scoreboard, because we gave them three unbelievable opportunities.

On yesterday’s practice:
We had a great practice. Yesterday’s practice was fabulous. We had a great practice right before we left. Practices have been really sharp.

On getting back on the ice after all the turmoil over the break:
Turmoil was over once we got back on the ice on the 26th. We started practice and people have different roles, and it’s time to move on and nobody’s worried about it. It’ll be nice to get Clendening back on the ice.

On why he pulled Millan on the PP in the third:
We were losing by a lot of goals. Maybe Miami was ringing in my head. But a 6-on-4 opportunity is pretty good and I wanted to see if we could get back into it and make it 5-3.

On Kieran’s play overall:
I think he looked very sharp at times. I think he gave up a couple rebounds he’d like to have back. Other than a couple bad rebounds I thought he had some unbelievable saves, and I thought on the first three goals he had no chance on any of them. 9 teed up from 30 feet out, a defenseman screening our goalie and not getting to see the shot, we don’t backcheck on a 3-on-2 – we’re there but we don’t cover the guy – and then we turn the puck over twice and give them a 2-on-1 to score a goal. The defensemen made a couple really brutal turnovers that led to the goals.

On moving forward:

I think we’ve got to get back to the way we were playing right before the break. This game is not indicative of where we were before the break, and if we continue to play as stupid and as lackadaisical as we did tonight, we will have the same outcomes.

On Chiasson’s double-minor slashing call:
I thought they were both stupid penalties and I thought he was frustrated he didn’t play well. If that’s how he’s going to react when he doesn’t play well, then he should sit down.

On what he thought of the rink, the televised game:
I think the rink is great, it came out really nice. The whole campus is impressive. It’s a really beautiful place. You can see why people want to come here.


  1. What four dman is he referring to.

  2. The players are really down on Parker now. After the Trivino sellout by Parker, a lot of the Players have turned on him.

  3. And you know that how?

  4. The “Trivino sellout by Parker”???
    What kind of BS statement is that?
    Trivino allegedly gets tanked up and does something inappropriate, gets arrested, had previously been given an ultimatum about drinking incidents and knows he is getting booted… and that is somehow a “sellout” by Parker.
    If you are going to be a Parker-basher you’ve got to come up with something better than that nonsense.

  5. Typical Parker news conference – blamed every ut himself.

    Obama takes lessons from Parker.

  6. Cut Jack some slack. He runs the program with class. it’s a sports program you can be proud of – unlike some others around the U.S. So, the Trivino sitch is not a “sellout.” He did everything he could and should to help this kid. But he has to protect the bigger picture – the program, itself.

  7. What sellout are you talking about?

    Who was it that made sure Corey had a lawyer immediately?

    While I hope both Corey (and the young lady) can overcome what occurred, how many chances was Jack supposed to give Corey?

    If you are thinking about Jack confirming that Corey had an alcohol problem, it is the best damn thing Jack could have done for Corey. The world can now consider Corey’s actions taking into consideration his illness, which is what alcoholism is. That does not excuse what Corey did, but just maybe, he will not be thought of as an animal rapist, which I doubt that he is.

  8. Parker’s problem is that he has let this kind of behavior go on for years. I remember the Sabo case to be very disturbing. He once had great control of his players on and off the ice but that is long gone. He must bring in players who want to go to BU for a first class education and play great hockey under a system that has developed NHL calibre players. Others have said this is not possible. I do not believe it.

  9. “Cut Jack some slack. He runs the program with class”

    Please say you are kidding.

  10. You mention the Sabo incident. That is certainly a very disturbing incident, just as the Corey Trevino incident is. But, let’s think about this. Do we expect a coach and his staff to be able to predict the character or should we say character flaws of Division 1 athletes 100% of the time? Hockey coaches bring in about 6 players each year, sometime more. Over a course of about 40 years, that is 240 players, at minimum, that Parker has recruited. I’m estimating that he has had a 95% success rate in bringing quality individuals to BU. For every Sabo, there are 10 Mike Eruziones, Terry Meaghers, John Cookes, Dave Silks and on and on and on.

  11. there are several players on the team worse than Trivino except they aren’t dumb enough to get caught or Parker likes them enough to bury their incidents.

  12. To the above:
    Those players you mention are from a very long time ago. There have been numerous problems with players from ten or so years ago. My problem with the Sabo situation is that he defended him when no coach should have done so. The drinking problem has become very serious it would appear. And this having about half the squad only going to night school with too much time on their hands is not good. Only one BU player (Ruikka) was on the HE “honor roll” last year. All other schools had numerous players on this list. It would seem that with three coaches and four to six incoming each year that the home life could be looked into. The Trivino case was out of this world if one is to believe the CBS Internet site. I am one of the oldest BU fans and it takes pain to write these words but someone must state the obvious.