BU adds walk-on Moscatel for second semester

By Tim Healey/DFP Staff

One week after losing forwards Corey Trivino and Charlie Coyle, the No. 9 Boston University men’s hockey team will add forward Jake Moscatel as a walk-on for at least the rest of the season, according to a team representative.

Moscatel, who academically has junior standing, played a season and a half at Div. III University of New England, collecting 13 points (seven goals, six assists) in 25 games. He came to BU in the spring of 2011, transferring after playing just one game the fall of his sophomore season.

The 6-foot-1, 210 pound Lexington native had been a member of the BU club hockey team, and the paperwork to officially add him to the roster is still being finished.

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  1. think people… he is for emergency in case of mulitple injuries. they have enough forwards still, they are just making “what if” plans.

  2. I don’t think anyone is expecting him to replace either Trivino or Coyle. You can’t make a trade or sign free agents midseason, and you aren’t going to bring in any of the 2012 recruits early.

    The guy is most likely good enough to practice with the team and skate a few shifts, if needed, on a fourth line without embarrassing himself. Even if it is to just give the other guys a break.

    We’ve written how not all of the “blue chip prospects” always act like they really want to play for BU, looking at it is a stop on their way to the pros.
    You can bet that Jake Moscatel will be proud to wear the scarlet jersey and bust his butt for BU hockey. Good luck to him!

  3. all that baloney about coyle growing up wanting to play for BU. tony amonte’s nephew blah blah blah. what a traitor – to leave his teammates in mid season. i hope he fails miserably in the quebec league. sorry, but that is how i feel.

  4. Mr I hope he fails miserably, do you hope every BU student that leaves BU early fails. Hockey players are like other students. Some find out after arriving that college life is not for them. They, including Charlie Coyle do not deserve your vitriol. Grow up.

  5. New players can come in early. Fred Meyer came in mid season and did very well as a starter. How bad is your recruiting when you can’t find an emergency fill in of quality to finish out the year. Jack does not like extra players at practice. He has Roanan as the extra D man. Let’s get a new coach and staff and return to excellence. U,O! Just in! The Boston Bruins have just signed Jack Moscatel from BU to a three year contract!

  6. Why isn’t Parker pulling another Freddy Meyer out of nowhere? Or do decent players no longer want to play for BU?

  7. hey, mr mature. i have no problem with a player leaving at the end of a particular year. bourque, dipietro, wilson etc. – i root for them all. but to leave your team high and dry midseason, when the team is handcuffed to find a replacement, i find the to be the epitome of selfishness. suck it up for one more semester and play out the year and then go pro.

  8. As a life long Terrier fan, Charlie Coyle’s actions are extremly disappointing for a number of reasons. He made a commitment to BU both academically and athletically when he decided to return for his sophomore year. I feel he followed some bad advice and made one of the biggest mistakes of his life. For a local player who claimed to “bleed scarlet and white” it does not seem logical that you quit on your team in the middle of the season. If in fact it was not for academic reasons, as he claims, and allegedly four teams from “The Q” were chasing him, then it must of been monetary. How much does it cost to sell out your team, go to a different country, and lie your way out of town? Whatever renumeration was exchanged was it worth it to ruin your reputation? Charlie clearly was a good but not great player, hopefully he would have improved the second semester. Instead, he went to “The Q” where his relatives and friends probably won’t get to see him in action. This does not make sense. To me “The Q” will always stand for “QUITTER” when I think of Charlie Coyle.

  9. The Q for QUITTER – now that is a brilliant way of putting it. i applaud the previous post. i could not say it any better. i hope the naive pollyanna who criticized one fan’s “vitriol” can take this in

  10. Guys, people leave early all the time from every big time program. If you want 4 year players, then start being a Bentley fan. The reason why BU is a top notch program is because they recruit top notch players. Players have been leaving BU early for years. That’s what top notch players do. You are a fan of BU hockey because they are good, not because of their collective GPA. Get over yourself. BU is fifth in the pairwise and have just as good a chance as any to win the Natty. Go BU!!!!!!!

  11. To the last poster and those who are willing to excuse Coyle: You are missing the point. Leaving early is one thing, leaving mid-season is another. BU’s “top notch” players do not do that all the time. They almost never do. Coyle’s cousin Tony Amonte left after two years and is a legend at the school. This is different. And leaving mid-season just after the leading goal scorer has been dismissed from the team makes it even worse. Coyle let his teammates down, plain and simple. That (and his grand total of 5 goals over the last year) will be his legacy at BU.

  12. Despite still having a good team, our chances at doing anything in the postseason took a serious hit when we lost our top two centers.

    Not saying those two players were all we had going for us, but losing two top players is a major hurdle, and would be for any team. This all just sucks. It’s stupid. We’ve been playing great.

    If the rest of the guys step up we’ll be fine. It’s just a big challenge.

  13. yes it is leaving in mid season that is the difference. he he left at the end of last year or the end of this year, no problem

    the guy who wrote the post (4 above) needs a reality check. that is 5th in the pairwise with coyle and trivino. let’s see at the end of the year what the pairwise is. trivino, although a huge loss, i get. he broke team rules and seems to have taken advantage of a woman – innocent until proven guilty

    coyle, on the other hand, is just pure selfishness, simple and plain. Go Bentley

  14. Has the guy who still thinks they have as good a chance as any of winning the national title, after the defections of Trivino and the traitorous Coyle, playing with a full deck? I bet if someone close to Parker asked him he would say their chances just went up in smoke.

    But wait, I know why that poster is delirious. I forgot. What was I thinking? My apologies Mr. Natty. Moscatel is here to save the day. I thought that was a cheap wine

  15. Parker has been stabbing the players in the back for years. It’s ironic to see Coyle do to Parker what Parker has been doing to the players.

    Poetic justice!

  16. I know I do. But, from what i read, the kid was out of control with the drinking. at some point the inmates can not run the asylum

  17. i think he gave trivino a long leash in terms of chances, but when you factor in the sexual assault charge, that is a tough one to brush under the carpet. with trivino and coyle i think they would have made some serious noise in the NCAA’s. do you agree?

  18. Guys, I know for a fact coyle was failing out. So stop giving him a hard time for leaving. If he stayed he would have been in the stands, ineligible. So he was done either way.

  19. It would be nice to see where some of these comments are coming from. I’ll bet a number of them are from ardent and jealous fans of rival hockey programs. Why not put yur college affilisation in your post to go along with your Anonymous signature. Long time BU.

  20. I have not seen anything that amounts to more than rumor that Charlie Coyle flunked out. A good guess might be that he was attending most classes during first semester, but maybe not getting enough out of those classes to pass his first semester final exams so he chose to leave. If that is what happened, he did not flunk out; he withdrew. He did not abandon his team as he would not have been eligible second semester if he was in academic difficulty and coming in everybody knew he was here for two years.

    Charlie Coyle should not be vilified for leaving, if that is what happened. Many students and many student athletes at many institutions withdraw from specific courses when having a difficult time. Some withdraw for a semester or from a particular college permanently due to academic difficulties. Many of those people go on to be successful professionals including doctors, bankers, businessmen and even United States Senators.

    What I’ve said about Charlie Coyle is suppostion, but it is damn better than assuming that Coyle flunked out or that he abandoned his team. I don’t think any of those positing notes about Coyle really know what was behind hid departure.

    Best of luck to Coyle. Good luck to the BU Hockey Team. And, hopefully, hopefully, both the young lady involved in the Trevino incident and Corey Trevino can rebuild their lives.

  21. To Jake Moscatel,

    Pay no attention to those making negative comments about your joining the BU team. If I am not mistaken, you came out of the ISL. More than likely, not one of the cynics could ever skate one day with a quality ISL team.

    Pull on the red and white jersey and give it hell. That is all anyone can ask of you. Best of luck.

  22. To a naive anonymous above, Charlie made a commitment to attend all of his classes and to be tutored in any subject that he had difficulty. For you to rationalize his lack of integrity and justify the way he left town is ridiculous. Charlie had no business of returning to BU for his sophomore season if he didn’t plan to stay the entire year. Electing to leave halfway through the season is simply unacceptable, especially since he lied and let his teammates down. How does that make him a role model or a nice guy?

  23. Anonymous 8:03 PM above. Do you just like to vent? Where do you get your information that Charlie Coyle did not attend classes? If you have inside information, give us at least a hint, but to make a statement that Coyle did not attend classes without more is just not responsible.

    Are you omnicient so that you alone know that Coyle did not plan to stay the entire year when he started his sophomore year? If you have something to back that up, I’ll be shocked and I’ll agree with you.

    Please use your omnicience and tell us what Coyle lied about. While you are at it, verify the basis for your statement. I hope it is more than he left school and said he did not flunk out as there has not been any verification whatsoever that Coyle flunked out.

    By the way, what percentage of student athletes at any university, or for that matter just students, do you think attend ALL classes during any semester? As for a committment to be tutored, while I do know that tutoring may be available, I’m not sure I ever heard of anyone signing on to a commitment to be tutored. Maybe you can shed some light on the terms of the commitment from both the university standpoint and the student athelete’s.

    If you are making statements based upon guesses or your opinion, say so, and if it is opinion, why not give some basis instead of letting the reader think you have some inside knowledge. How about some accuracy in what you write.

  24. Anonymous 10:43 PM above. I believe I know a little bit more about the situation than you. I am a parent of a student who told me that Charlie seldom attended classes. Whether or not he flunked out is irrelevant because he left before he took finals.The fact that he returned for his Sophomore year would indicate that he planned to stay the entire year. Most athletes commit for an entire year, unless they’re kicked off the team. He lied numerous times to the Boston Hockey Blog when they contacted him about staying at BU. Have you read the posts? I talked to a number of his former teammates who also had no idea he was going to leave the team. It is obvious to me that as far as Charlie is concerned the name on the back of the uniform is more important than the name on the front.

  25. Arielle, have you seen the CBS NY site concerning Travino? If what is said is true he should have been out of BU a long time ago. What the hell is going on at the campus? Parker has lost control of the team. This has been going on for some time. Trivino’s home life was strange to say the least. Parker used to visit the homes of recruits that were to be offered “full boats”. If he is leaving this to his asst. coaches they are at fault. This long time BU fan is more than upset. Dr Brown must get involved! Now! BU’s rep is on the line!!!

  26. Yes I have seen the CBS NY article on Trivino.

    First, whatever Trivino’s mother’s sexual orientation may be has no impact on who Trivino is as a person and hockey player. It is my understanding that she is a lesbian, but that has absolutely nothing to do with why Trivino was arrested. It is a shame that some people think a mother’s personal life should bar her child from living out his dreams.

    Second, based on what Trivino told me at the beginning of the year (rather than what some secondary source told this man), he does not come from a broken home and has a relationship with his father. His parents are divorced (something Trivino is very open about), but he spent time at both his mother’s home and father’s home as a child.

    I would suggest that anyone who read that CBS story regard it as a piece of writing with miniscule bits truth sprinkled over a body of inaccurate jabs at Trivino and his family. It is extremely irresponsible for a writer from any outlet to publish rumors, Facebook posts and unsubstantiated opinions about a person (who the reporter has never spoken with) as facts. Attacking a person’s private life in the way this writer did is completely uncalled for. I would hope that if I ever wrote a piece like that, I would be fired immediately.

  27. Does anyone know the difference between withdrawing from school and flunking out? There is a significant difference with different ramifications. I have seen nothing to indicate that Charlie Coyle flunked out of BU. Unless you can back up a statement that Coyle flunked out, please do not say it.

    Secondly, does anyone writing posts seriously think that Coyle knew when he started his sophomore year that he would leave mid-year? If you do, tell us why you think that. As a prior post states, the fact that he started his sophomore year indicates he planned to stay the entire year. That makes much more sense than surmising that in August Coyle was planning to leave in December.

    Charlie Coyle’s decision to leave BU and the hockey team midyear is a personal decision he obviously felt he had to make. Does it hurt the BU hockey team? Obviously. If he stayed for another 4 months knowing he wanted to be someplace else, would BU hockey be any better off? I doubt it.

    Some students including some student athletes only learn that college is not for them after they arrive and realize that they are not cut out to be students or that there are things they want to do that do not require a college degree. Should those students be held up to scorn because they started college? Or, do they only get vilified if they are members of an intercollegiate team? Probably the latter.

  28. Coyle had 2 semesters, one full year, to realize he wasn’t cut out for college. i could better see this move after first semester of his freshman year. But not now. this totally screws his coaches and teammates. athletes do have a responsibility to a “community” which an individual student does not.

  29. Anonymous at 10:34pm thank you for your post. I could not agree with you more. He totally let his teammates down and only cared about himself. Just wondering about renumeration, as supposedly four teams were chasing him and he ended up with the one currently in first place. This must have taken place a number of weeks prior to his announcement, so he should be vilified. Finally, what happened to the article that was supposed to be posted by the Boston Hockey Blog regarding Coach Parker’s views on Coyle’s departure from the team? I am sure he is very unhappy with him.

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