Two Terriers injured in preseason action

By Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

Boston University’s men’s hockey team has yet to play a game or get into the full swing of practices, but it already has the beginnings of an injury list.

Redshirt freshman Yasin Cisse will once again get off to a delayed start after suffering a concussion in practice last week. He is still waiting for clearance from doctors to play. Cisse missed all of last season after re-tearing a tendon in his ankle, an injury that the French Canadian forward first suffered from when he played in the United States Hockey League the year before.

“He got a concussion in practice so there’s a limitation that way right now,” BU coach Jack Parker said. “[The ankle] is a day-to-day thing. It’s see how he feels. If it swells up, if it’s bothering him, he’ll have to take a few days off. We haven’t really started day-to-day hard practices so we’ll get a feel for that once he gets cleared from his concussion and really gets going.”

Oft-injured defenseman Ryan Ruikka joins Cisse on the injured list. Ruikka has a hairline fracture in his right foot and will likely be out for at least three weeks. Ruikka missed the first two seasons of his BU career with a shoulder injury in his freshman year and a blown-out knee in his sophomore year. Last season, Ruikka played well through the first half of the season before suffering another shoulder injury that hampered his play in the second half.

“He’s had really hard times and hard luck,” said Parker. “When he’s been healthy, he’s been good. Hopefully we’ll get him healthy here.”