Adam Erne decommits to join Quebec

By Tim Healey/DFP Staff

Adam Erne, a 16-year-old forward, has decommitted from Boston University in favor of the Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, according to The news comes just over a year after Erne originally said he would come to BU in the fall of 2013.

The North Branford, Conn. native previously claimed

BU is a school he always wanted to play for, but after being drafted in the second round (22nd overall) of the QMJHL’s draft and having his rights traded to Quebec, he changed his tune.

He racked up

10 goals, 8 assists and a minus-18 rating in 45 games this past season for the Indiana Ice of the United States Hockey League.

Erne is the second player this summer to decommit from BU, following in the footsteps of defenseman Anthony DeAngelo, who in July decided to join the Ontario Hockey League’s Sarnia Sting.

8 thoughts on “Adam Erne decommits to join Quebec”

  1. minus 18 on that team is a near impossible feat. I guess congratulations are in order for being the best at being on the ice for so many goals against.

  2. How is Leaman running away with that poll? He’s a very good coach, but that team is worse than horrendous.

  3. Ouch-town. That class of ’13 was looking really good too. Still not a lost cause, hearing good things about O’Regan.

  4. I think these guys and their parents are being very short sighted, and I would say that even if they had intended to go to BC! So few guys really make it in the NHL, most would be better served getting a free education at a terrific university while also having the opportunity to develop as hockey players with first class facilities, phyical training, and coaching. I think it behooves coaches to determine — to the best of their ability — whether a kid and his family really want the college/eucational experience as well as hockey or if they are just looking for the fastest way to a pro hockey. If it is the latter, he may never show up on campus.

  5. @Anonymous #4 – BC also lost a recruit to Canadian major juniors this summer. You’re 100% right that it is beneficial for all players to get a college degree (even if you do make it, there’s always the chance you can get hurt) but I think young hockey players have a lot of different voices telling them what to do, and at the end of the day, they just want to play hockey. It’s hard to get a 15-year-old kid to think about long-term plans and the benefits a college education holds for his future.

    Anyway, we are planning to talk to Coach Parker and hopefully do a story on his opinions/suggestions early in the season.

    @Anonymous #2 – I’m also very surprised Leaman is running away with this poll. It looks like he doesn’t have as much to work with as Bazin/Madigan but you never know.

  6. Most of these verbal committments are all B.S. and the coaches know it! Who knows if these kids even had the grades to get in, my guess is no way. I am seeing more and more of these verbal things being broken all over the place and it seems that the young (14,15) are being done as favors to family advisors as it is against NCAA rules for the parents or players to be pursuing this nonesense in the first place. It’s nothing more than PR and just making sure other deserving players don’t get the spotlight. Unfortunately, no one tells these families that ultiamtely the child is going to have to be good enough. As they get older and into more competitive situations there is less ability for parentst and advisors to manipulate things in favor of their player. What do you do when your a -18 on a team with the next closest player is a -10…..You leave while you can still talk your way out of it.

  7. don’t think for a moment that these kids are making these decisions. It’s the parents and advisors 100%. Besides what is the point of making a verbal to a school that the player can’t academically handle, like say BC or Ivy?
    It’s just more B.S.

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