Former Terrier Andrew Glass to continue hockey career at Canadian college

By Arielle Aronson/DFP Staff

Former Terrier Andrew Glass will begin the next chapter of his hockey career by joining the Carleton University Ravens next season.

Glass played in 54 games in his Terrier career and totaled 10 points before he was dismissed from the team in the middle of the 2010-11 season for “missing meetings and being late”, according to head coach Jack Parker.

Glass finished his junior year at BU and will complete the classes for his economics degree at Carleton University, which is located in Ottawa, Ontario. He will still receive his degree from BU, however, through a visiting student program.

“It’s a fresh start,” Glass said. “It’s a place where I can start over and get away from all of this, move on and just start pursuing a future with hockey and academics somewhere else.”

Glass chose to pursue Canadian collegiate hockey because of eligibility issues. If Glass transferred to an American college, he would have to sit out for a full season before becoming eligible to play. At Carleton, Glass will have two seasons of eligibility, although he is currently taking it year-by-year. Glass first heard of Carleton through his mother, who is from Canada and briefly attended the university.

“We started looking at what was available and what were some good options and Carleton looked like a good fit,” Glass said. “The coach there was a real good guy and my mother actually went there. It just made sense.”

For Glass, transferring to Carleton will finally allow him to put what has been a difficult year behind him. After his dismissal from the team, Glass remained at BU and continued to live with players from the hockey team while he finished the school year. He did not attend any men’s hockey games during the second half of the year. Glass stayed in shape while at BU by working out twice a week with a trainer.

“Obviously [second semester] was much different,” Glass said. “Clearly it was a change of pace. My routine through the past few years over the summer and before I came to BU pretty much was class during the day, hockey at night, workouts in the morning, the basic routine. It was a big change of pace and it was a lot different.”

The Wrentham native is currently taking a full load of summer courses at BU while working out four times a week with a trainer near his home. He said he is excited about his future and is ready to move on from BU.

“It’s something where I love the guys on the team for the most part, but the whole situation, it is what it is,” Glass said. “There’s no turning back now. It basically comes down to the fact that either way, I was going to have to change things up eventually. I have family and friends who have supported me throughout the whole process and that was very important. It was definitely a learning experience and I am trying to do the best I can with it.”

Glass’s decision was first reported on Twitter by Scott McLaughlin of the College Hockey News.

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