From the FreeP: For Holly Lorms, home is where her team is

By Annie Maroon/DFP Staff

If Holly Lorms has a Wisconsin accent, it’s barely detectable. Although she hails from Brookfield, Wis., a suburb of Milwaukee, she often wears a worn-out Red Sox hat and says she wants to stay on the East Coast after graduation.

After four years with the Boston University women’s hockey team, the senior forward and captain who was born in University of Wisconsin Badger territory is one of the defining figures of the program’s early years and hopes to stay around Commonwealth Avenue for years to come.

“I was actually at prep school in Connecticut for three years prior to college, and something about the East Coast and the opportunities, academically but also athletically, kept me out here,” Lorms said. “I did look at Wisconsin – it was one of my official visits, it was one of my top choices to go there, but something about Boston University – my official visit was actually really short here.

“I had just torn my ACL and I think I was here on campus for less than 12 hours…but there was something about coach [Brian Durocher] and how he took a chance on me, and the city that I just fell in love with.”


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  1. Thank you so much for giving the women’s ice hockey team some love. They are absolutely the greatest athletes I’ve had the chance to meet on campus. I went out to Erie this year and watched them compete in the National Championships. They have so much heart – it’s incredible to watch. Not to mention, Lorms herself is a spectacular person as much as she is an athlete. Genuinely one of the nicest people around and she really cares about this team. She’ll surely be missed.

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