Colby Cohen on Twitter: “Glass is a liar”

By Scott McLaughlin/DFP Staff

Make that two former teammates who refute Andrew Glass’ claim that his dismissal is not justified. In a recent tweet directed at Julie Robenhymer of HockeyBuzz.com, former Terrier defenseman Colby Cohen, who played with Glass at BU for two seasons, said the following:

“Glass thing at BU is a joke, he’s lucky he didnt get the boot last yr, coach parker was fully justified, glass is a liar”

In a text message to The Daily Free Press, Cohen denied that the Twitter account (C_cohen25) was his, but The Daily Free Press has since confirmed that the account is Cohen’s.

Cohen has not returned calls or texts requesting further comment.


  1. This is telling. What would CC have to do with this. How would he know what happened? Maybe he was in the library studying and didn’t see Glass!

  2. That is for sure CC’s twitter acccount I have followed for a while

  3. Clearly he was talking about last year, anonymous ranger. Guess it must’ve been a lot of Maine associates talking last week seeing as they’ve gotten awfully quiet after the weekend.

  4. while I am sick of this, one has to ask what motivation Cohen has here. First he denies he sends the message then it’s confirmed that it him? Kind of strange. I agree with the first post. How would he have any insight as to this situation. We are forgetting that this was an “optional” workout. What possible guilt could Glass have even if he wasn’t studying?

  5. I would think Colby has a good idea of what has been going on and more than any of us. He still talks with a majority of the team since he played with a bunch of the guys last year. One of the first things he said when he was traded to the Bruins was that he had already talked to a bunch of the guys on the team and was hoping to watch them play a couple games now that he was local. He obviously keeps regular contact and is not on the team currently so he can tweet about it without any ramifications. He probably regretted fueling the fire and tried to deny that it was his account. As the anonymous player said though, it wasn’t just this lift. There is alot more things Glass has done over the course of the last few years and Colby played two full seasons with Glass so I think he has a good idea what is going on. It isn’t like Parker was easy on him as he(Colby) said in a recent interview that Parker was “tough on him but always fair”.

  6. i’ll believe anything colby cohen says, he’s dreamy

  7. This is nonsense. Glass played on the Saturday before he was dismissed. Parker blew a fuse because he missed an optional workout, Parker is a disgrace and so are his current and former teammates that have not had any guts to come out against Parker.

  8. Sounds like Parker asked Cohen and the “anonymous” coward to talk on his behalf. Completely disgraceful…

  9. you’re kidding right? you think colby cohen was asked by parker to speak on his behalf? doubtful, cc was always a bit of a loose cannon. give me a break

  10. Not 100% sure on this, but wasn’t Cohen the player that knocked Glass out for the season his Freshman year with a concussion in practice? Perhaps Scott can confirm this. Not saying it was on purpose but I could see how that would cause bad blood between these two. Besides Cohen is so poor defensively, he should concentrate on defending a 1 on 1 and not on this!

  11. Correct. Glass suffered a concussion freshman year on a hit by Cohen in practice. The concussion and later mono kept Glass out for the remainder of the season.

  12. That was unfortunate for Glass freshman year but that does not mean anything he is saying now is valid. I don’t know where all these anonymous posts are coming from but it is certainly not from BU or anyone that follows hockey here. Anyone with a brain knows there is more to the story that Parker cannot legally talk about and probably wouldn’t have even if he could. So take that garbage back to Maine or Newton or wherever the haters are from.

  13. LOL – if Parker legally can’t talk about it then why is talking through an “anonymous player”?

  14. If you have been following the story you would know that the player gave his input to Scott but asked him to not run the story and only agreed to do it anonymously because the last thing the team or Coach Parker wants is for this story to continue to run. I highly doubt Parker was a fan of more comments coming out after the fact. If I am wrong on those facts then let me know Scott but I think that is what happened.

    Also you didn’t answer my question…what team you root for? You forgot a he in your comment so I want to say Maine.

  15. That’s correct, quackquack. Everyone I’ve quoted in my stories (other than Colby’s tweet, obviously), I’ve approached. And yes, I had to convince the player to let me use that info. He was reluctant at first. I have no idea where people are getting this idea of a player coming forward or a player calling me up. That is not what happened.

  16. what is the difference between anonymous and quackquack? No one is stating their true identity.

  17. As LONGTIME BU hockey fan I think quackquack is nuts. What more to the story is there? If Parker had it in for Glass due to whatever, the fact remains that he just played against RPI and then was suspended for missing an optional workout. The BU admin is completely out of line to allow this. Missing an optional workout should not have provoked Parker into a rage. This story is terrible for Glass, BU and BU hockey. Plain and simple.

  18. The optional workout was optional due to NCAA rules.

    Parker can sneer at the NCAA rules all he wants but if the Glass family sues over this, they will win and they will win big.

    I’m guessing that BU is quietly trying to finalize a settlement with the Glass family…of course Oarker won’t be able o comment on this either.

  19. I understand that some anonymous commenters have an axe to grind with Coach Parker but let’s get real. There’s no reason for ANYONE to be getting sweaty over the dismissal of Andrew Glass. No lawsuits, no settlements, no BU administration stepping in to right a percieved wrong.
    We’re talking about a marginal player here. Didn’t make much of a contribution when he WAS in the lineup. Wasn’t going to have an impact on the Hockey East standings or the Pairwise Rankings. He was here, played a few games, pissed off some coaches and (apparently) some teammates and now he’s gone. There are probably a handful of guys who will miss him, some (maybe most) won’t. In the end, the 21 guys who are playing the best will dress and play. The only important item here is that Andrew Glass, in Jack Parker’s opinion isn’t one of those guys.
    Play Hockey.

  20. You don’t get it Jon Fox. It has nothing to do with the player and his team contributions. It has to do with what is right or wrong based on university and ncaa standards. BU and BU hockey are way out of line. Your thoughts are exactly what is wrong with college sports. As far as Glass as a player, who would ever know what he could have contributed to this team playing as little as a 4th liner does. He showed me some skill that I would have liked to see displayed more than 4th line minutes. But in the end, it is about this ridiculous dismissal not Glass as a player. And to argue anything otherwise would support a double standard such as shown with Sabo, Trivino or numerous others.

  21. Thank you Jon Fox. There will be no lawsuit not even because Glass stunk but because his scholarship was not taken away and that is the only thing legally owed to him once he signs as a recruit. He rarely was active for games even when he was on the team. Coach Parker will pick the 18 best guys to play each night. The other three aren’t going to sue him for not playing. Vinny Saponari didn’t sue last year either. It is a privilege to play on the team not a right. There is way more to this story than this one workout and Glass knows it but he obviously isn’t going to address it. There is a reason no one has come to Glass’ defense besides his own father. No former players have tweeted that Glass has a point and the team looked pretty good last weekend even with all of this talk going on. Bottomline, Glass pushed Parker to the point where he had enough and he has the right as coach to throw guys off the team at anytime if he is willing to go without a scholarship player for the remainder of the year which he apparently is. Parker would rather play with one less guy than Andrew Glass. That speaks volumes about the situation.

  22. The most laughable posts in this thread involve imaginary lawsuits.
    Glass didn’t lose his scholarship.
    There are simply no grounds for a lawsuit.
    Maybe those suggesting there are graduated from BC’s law school and don’t know any better.

  23. Come ON people. We need to get over it. The kid missed team meetings. He was given a chance. At some point, enough is enough. Everyone knows what kind of coach JP is. I mean, let’s be real. If you just finish practicing at Walter Brown, and coach says be at Agganis in 25 minutes for a team meeting, and you’re just hanging out in the whirlpool and NO OTHER TEAMMATES ARE THERE WITH YOU…you’d think that something’s wrong with that picture?! I’m sure he’s a smart kid, I’m sure he’s a very skilled hockey player, but sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. It happens all the time across collegiate athletics at any level, it’s just gotten blown up so much in this case by–shocker–UNNECESSARY PUBLICITY.

  24. So Glass gets punished for missing an OPTIONAL (as ordered by the NCAA during finals) workout.

    Yep, lawsuit in the near future if it hasn’t been filed already.

    I’m also sure the NCAA may have some questions as well.

  25. Missing the workout wasn’t why he was punished.Stop living in fantasy land. He was punished for being detrimental to the team over a long period of time. There is now lawsuit coming now or ever. He didn’t lose his scholarship so Parker can throw him off the team for whatever he wants and not get sued. The only legal obligation is the scholarship.

  26. And how do you know it wasn’t because of missing the OPTIONAL workout that got Glass punished?

    Did Parker violate privacy laws and tell you this?

  27. Love how that idiot quackquack is now at the point of just making up “facts” to protect Parker and BU.

    You on the BU payroll?

  28. It is irrelevant since he didn’t take away his scholarship. Glass has no grounds to sue from legally. From everything I have heard it was more than this one incident and Parker was upset he didn’t tell anyone he was going to miss it not that he actually missed the workout.

  29. Interesting how Cohen can call Glass a liar then refuse all comment about it.

    Did someone like Parker or one of his cronies put Cohen up to this?

  30. Since when did players have to tell anyone that they planned on missing an OPTIONAL workout?

    Since it’s OPTIONAL, a player can decide to attend or not attend. Or does Parker define OPTIONAL differently than the NCAA rules committee?

  31. Wow, so in Parker’s eyes a workout that was defined as optional by NCAA rules is really not optional.

    I’ll bet the NCAA would like to know about this interpretation of their rule.

  32. According to “Jon Fox”, just because Glass was a “marginal” player he doesn’t deserve the respect and rights afford to other players.

    Is this clown really Jack Parker using a fake name?

  33. I don’t think Jack Parker cares what any of you think to be honest. There will be no NCAA investigation and no lawsuit. You guys can argue for it until you are blue in the face but there are simply no grounds for it. I also highly doubt Parker is telling Colby Cohen to say something to make this story come back up again. I am sure he wants it over and done with already.

  34. And you know how Jack Parker thinks and what he wants because….?

    Why not put more words in his mouth?

  35. Quackquack, if someone from your work texted you tomorrow morning and said there is an optional meeting at 1:30 at your place of business to pass out some information on something and if you can make it please come. But if you have another commitment, don’t worry about it just stop by later in the day or week and pick up the information, would you feel obligated to call? Stop apologizing for Parker, you moron. Unless you are Parker, then go get some counseling.

  36. if you still think that the optional meeting was the sole reason that glass got kicked off the team, then you my friend are the one who needs counseling

  37. If that OPTIONAL practice was so important to Parker, he should have had his student managers call each player to confirm their attendance instead of just sending out a text.

    How many student managers got fired for being too lazy to call the players?

  38. I’m not apologizing for anyone.I also never said what Parker was thinking. If you read I said I think Parker is sick of it clearly stating that it was my opinion. You re just too dumb to think of a response because I make valid points and you guys just hate parker because you re a fan of an opposing team or you love drama. Either way the point is glass wasn’t kicked off for one thing. Parker could have handled it better sure but there is no reason to think he was wrong in what he did. Stop making up arguments because you re a hater from newton

  39. Hmm, Glass wasn’t “kicked off for one thing”…and you know this because…?

    Is Parker using fake name to justify his irrational actions and stop a lawsuit from the parents?

  40. glass found the liquor cabinet

  41. Numerous people have said it was more than one thing if you have followed the story at all. I don’t think Jack Parker would take the time and effort to care what you have to think so stop pretending like you’re important and have a valid argument because you don’t.

  42. “Numerous people have said it was more than one thing…” and they know this…because Jack Parker violated the privacy of Andrew Glass and had his thugs out there spreading a false the story to discredit him?

    Sounds like a defamation lawsuit is also in the cards for the Glass family…

  43. Interesting how that coward Colby Cohen can call out a former teammate then refuse to back up or provide additional information about his rant.

    It sure sounds like “someone” put Cohen up to it…

  44. hahaha ok. let me know when this lawsuit comes about. What is he going to sue for? I got kicked off the team but am still going to school for free. I don’t think he has much of a legal case there. I think Glass is the one with the false story out there. Parker hasn’t leaked anything unless you believe he told Colby Cohen to tweet about it which seems like his style…or not