Keith Allain Conference Call Transcripts

I just got off the conference call with junior team coach Keith Allain. We weren’t allowed to ask questions about any of the players who were cut, so unfortunately I have nothing on Adam Clendening or Matt Nieto. Hopefully I’ll be able to get an update on Clendening’s injury before we head out to Illinois for the Shillelagh Tournament. Allain did comment on BU’s Charlie Coyle and BC’s Brian Dumoulin and Patrick Wey, though. Click on the jump to see those transcripts.

On Coyle
One of the things in the summer when we were talking about the team is that we’re going to be young down the middle. Charlie actually came to us and we weren’t sure if he was going to be a centerman or not at BU. We tried him down the middle at Lake Placid and he was just outstanding. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s extremely smart. He’s reliable defensively and he can make plays offensively. He had a great camp for us in Lake Placid, and then he went to BU and really kind of took over that first-line center role for Coach Parker. He’s had a good fall there. He’s a guy we’re going to rely on heavily, and we really like him as a hockey player.

On Dumoulin
He’s a guy that we think can play in all situations for us. In a short tournament like this, it’s hard to get by with guys that are specialists. He’s a guy that’s played at Boston College. He’s won a national championship. I think he’s got good mobility. We think he’s a good all-around defenseman who can contribute offensively as well, so he’s exactly what we were looking for.

On Wey
Patrick’s another guy just like Dumoulin that, first of all, has been a key guy on a winning hockey team at the college level, and that experience is something you can’t replicate. He’s a guy that we also think is a good, steady puck-mover. At BC, he plays in the last minute of games where they’re trying to protect the lead. And he’s not strictly a defensive guy. He’s got the versatility that we talked about with our hockey team. He’s a guy that’s going to be used in a lot of different situations for us.

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